Losing Point

By zerk16
Written September 20, 2008
I thought that this movie was TERRIBLE. I jokingly said that i was going to be extremely critical about this film as it started up, i never imagined i would actually END UP being so critical about this film! Oh, if only this movie had as much Irony as my last sentence... You are probably wondering if i am ever going to actually get to my review of the movie aren't you? You wish i would just get to the point right?Well, that's exactly how you will feel about this movie the ENTIRE 2 hours you waste your life watching it. No chemistry between the two cheating lovers, bad script, fake British accents, includes every terrible upper-class British stereotype ever representated, most awkward romance scenes I've ever seen since Star Wars epi 2, London police are stupid?, worst & most predictable ending ever. If the plot of the movie was centered around LUCK & to remind us of how woody Allen got away with sleeping with his wife's daughter, then it succeeded & should've been an Autobiography.
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Five Word Review

By jenhc
Written September 28, 2009
Crimes and Misdemeanors revamped, repackaged
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