Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

By jwelch5742
Written April 30, 2012
It was great film. It got great Cinematography and Sound Editing.
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Spectacular success

By AlTheScot
Written June 09, 2008
As a long time Patrick O'Brien fan (he's the guy who wrote the book...or more accurately books...that the movie is based on), an Ocean qualified sea captain and a naval history nut I was not convinced that Hollywood would be able to do this justice. But for once they did...although they inevitably messed around with the plot a bit (the book is based on actual historical events and the bad guy in real life was American not French....and that is not a theme Hollywood has EVER been able to deal with...for box office reasons obviously;-)) overall the accuracy of portraying the sailing, the fighting, the characters and life on board was extremely well managed and blended with the main plot. A fast moving epic which still develops complex and fascinating characters. Go see it.
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