A magical movie that will thrill your heart!

By balman_s
Written September 30, 2016
This movie brings back so many memories of being a kid. and Julie Andrews and **** VanDyke are awesome! This is a great movie for all ages!
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Classic... one of the BEST moview of all times!

By firedep
Written May 25, 2017
Haven't seen this movie on the big screen since I was a child. The moment the opening song started, my heart warmed instantly. What a beautiful, fun, wholesome, funny movie. One of the most classic movies of all time. Absolutely MUST GO!
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When Disney ruled the earth

By 123_4life
Written July 17, 2007
Remember when the Walt Disney company made good movies? When they seemed to care about the quality of their films? Well, the film that might best represent this era is 'Mary Poppins'. This movie is truly Disney at it's best, and this movie works on every level. If you ever have a chance to see this movie in theaters, GO! It should not be missed!
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By cantrecall
Written July 18, 2007
One of cinema's all-time classics. Great cast, story, and songs. Very pleased that the Aero screened an actual MOTION PICTURE PRINT rather than some digital projection.
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One of the great Disney classics!

By macduncan12
Written October 21, 2012
Thanks for bringing it back to the big screen!
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