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The Avengers

By NoCornNoPorn
Written May 06, 2012
The difference between the cheesy dialogue in actual comic books and those in comic book movies, is the difference between ten minutes and two hours, between age 8 and age--well, grown up. The 20-somethings I've talked to, however, are wildly enthusiastic. Samuel L. Jackson's speeches and declarations--he's the Greek chorus--spoken in a tone of great moment, are tedious and uninspiring. Cut to Captain America--his lines are worse. On the bright side, Robert Downey, Jr. is irresistible, as usual. Scarlett Johansson is excellent, and many thanks to Joss Whedon for a starring woman's character who is not an embarrassment for other women to watch. Mark Ruffalo's interpretation of Dr. Banner is lovely.
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By King of the Mojave
Written June 20, 2012
This one far exceeded my expectations. There was plenty of value for the ticket price. I can't say Hulk was ever better-represented in any film, and my two favorites, Thor and Iron Man, made their usual stellar contributions to a fine story. Earth is in trouble from alien invasion, and the one suitable answer we have is to Assemble the Avengers, who deal out plenty of mayhem in discouraging these invaders bent on destroying our planet. This is much more than a kids' show, anyone under 70 should enjoy this film from beginning to end.
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By nickel2008
Written May 11, 2012
We loved it! The hubby said he wished there was more hulk but I thought it was perfect! Absolutely amazing! Well worth the money spent to see it.
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VERY Cool!! Would go again!

By WennieWoo31
Written May 06, 2012
There was no disappointment in this highly awaited movie. It was worth the high price of theater tickets and I will watch it again, several times, after I purchase it for the personal library. The actors did a GREAT job and added a connection to sidekick humor, which I didn't expect but enjoyed very much. Scarlet is equally paired with Jeremy on physical action and it blew me away - talk about great techniques!! Marc doesn't disappoint in his role as Hulk. I questioned the choice when rumors were out, but I liked him.
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I never need to see another movie...ever...until the next Avengers comes out...

By messystmpr
Written May 10, 2012
This movie is AWESOME!! Great character development and explanation (I had not seen Iron Man/Iron Man 2/Thor), yet understood what was going on. LOVED Captain America & was glad to see him "take charge"! Kudos to Marvel & Disney for this fabulous movie that had the entire audience laughing out loud, cheering, & simultaneously spotting Stan Lee!! Stay for ALL of the credits & you'll see a teaser for the next movie (Thanos is who I think that was) & a great scene at the VERY END of the credits... The casting/acting was top-notch & although I missed Edward Norton as Bruce Banner/ the Hulk, I was absolutely pleased with Mark Ruffalo's portrayal. Captivating action scenes & lots of well-placed humor - I recommend this to EVERYONE! (Small children may be afraid at a few of the scenes & I only picked up on a few curse words (2 a**, 1 son of a b**** and 1 *b****d, a few hells), no inappropriate sexual scenes, blood is minimal, on a shirt, the wall, some cards & some faces)
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