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Boring and poor plot

By drapport
Written May 04, 2012
wait for it to come out on bluray
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Entertaining.....could have been better

By billwsw
Written May 05, 2012
The Avenger's was quite slow at the outset.....I think too much time was taken assembling the team of super heros, but after the first 30 minutes the action and story-line picked-up. I thought the movie was inferior to the Iron Man series.....I realize I am in the minority on this. There were several things that, despite it being a fantasy movie to begin with, simply didn't make sense at all. Hulk was mean and totally uncontrollable (by his own admission) at the beginning, yet suddenly he became manageable and a team explanation as to how this happened. The bad guy was goofy bad, not Batman series bad. A number of the lines were quite corny.....not as clever writing as Iron Man and some other similar movies. Yes, The Avenger's was entertaining and the audience was pleased, from what I could tell, with the movie in general. I simply feel like it was over-hyped by the critics and media. I say GO!, but don't expect it to be flawless.
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The Avengers

By jr hack
Written May 06, 2012
Acting was mediocre, special effects were excellent, just a little overdone for me and the flying, teethy, vicious, centipedes were from a B movie - poorly done.
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By GaryWL
Written May 14, 2012
This movie received a lot of positive reviews, but it's basically a "shoot 'em up" with very little story, or at least a story that makes any sense. Perhaps if you're immersed in the world of the Avengers it makes sense, but doesn't stand on its own very well, if at all. My movie mate and I were very disappointed. It was like the World Wrestling Federation meets "Independence Day."
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Amazing All-Around

By NiKo92801
Written May 06, 2012
Simply put, this was an awesome flick. Lots of action, plenty of laughs, and intense action scenes make this an absolute must-see. Comic-bookers will analyze the team a bit too deeply, but for those who either haven't read many comic books or any comic books at all will still definitely enjoy every aspect of the film.
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