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Freakin awesome!

By jesusknowsbjj
Written May 23, 2017
This movie was so awesome I love that they brought all the characters together for an epic battle as usual the humor is in there of coarse when you have tony stark in the movie its gonna be funny as always in the end it shows a clip of the next one. Avengers 2 will be awesome! go see this movie see it!!!
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By lorceildur
Written May 05, 2012
This movie was cringe-inducing. The costumes looked terrible - not any better in quality than something the best cosplayers could come up with. The writing and the acting was also terrible. Having all these different personalities and accents talking to one another simply did not work; it felt more like a videogame cutscene than a movie.
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Quite a thrill-ride

By outtasight74
Written May 06, 2012
The movie, while enjoyable and thrilling is a little long and plodding at times. It was fun to see all the characters get together and kick butt. Joss Whedon's touch witty and snappy dialogue pops up from time to time. It is well worth seeing!
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By raynasju
Written September 28, 2016
This movie was amazing. It had my friend and I ready to fight crime. I was ready to conquer my law school class after this movie.
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My new favorite movie

By exet2
Written May 07, 2012
I loved this movie. The action is non-stop with incredible special effects. This movie will take you on an emotional roller coaster. Some scenes will have you on the edge of your seat, and some scenes will have you rolling in the floor laughing. I think this movie would be good for anyone over the age of 13 due to the violence, but all in all, it's a very clean film with little if any vulgarity and no nudity or sexual situations, a rarity in movies these days. I fully intend to purchase this one as soon as it comes out on DVD.
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