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Instant top 5!!

By pgaz1352
Written May 21, 2012
This has become an instant top 5 action/adventure flic of all time! I was concerned about how all the characters would be able to tie into the story and not seem like a jumbled mess or be left out. Writer, director, producer did the best job imaginable and the entertainment value is through the roof! Mark Rufalo stands up perfectly as Bruce Banner and the Hulk is fun for all ages when he starts SMASHING! My biggest question at the end of the movie was.. were all the "suit up references" in-place before or after they got 'Robin Chabowski' to play the part of agent Hall? (How I Met Your Mother reference)
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By Fanneeds
Written May 07, 2012
The Avengers movie really brought all of the characters together well. Outstanding movie. Can't wait for the sequel. Saw this one twice - regular and 3D.
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The Best Marvel Movie Yet!!

By Wayno
Written May 06, 2012
Marvel's The Avengers reminds me of reading one of their King Size Annuals of the Sixties. They just kept pouring on more and more! The humor and situations are so in keeping with the spirit of the comics without being too cheesy. Loved the meeting of Loki and the Hulk! Run to see this!!
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Best Superhero Movie Ever!

By RC_Rock68
Written May 05, 2012
I truly think this will go down as the best superhero movie ever. Lots of action and well as great character development. Josh Wheedon did a spectacular job writing and directing this. The cast was great. FYI - Make sure you watch all the way through the end credits; there are two surprises. It is a long movie, but it doesn't feel like it. However, do not drink too many fluids before or during the movie. I think most kids would enjoy it, but younger ones might have a hard time staying focused and sitting still for 2.5 hours, plus several previews.
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By Bonsisu
Written May 10, 2012
We totally LOVED it! (15 yr. old boy, 11 yr. old girl, 49 yr. old Mom) COMPLETELY LOVED the lack of romance! This is a team that gets down to business! (and stays dressed!) There are a few stray parts that we didn't follow, but seemed to add to the humor. Overall, we LOVED when the Good Guys won,old-fashioed values work with new technology, everyone brings their best and learns to respect other's best and the whole theatre laughed and cheered together!
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