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VERY Cool!! Would go again!

By WennieWoo31
Written May 06, 2012
There was no disappointment in this highly awaited movie. It was worth the high price of theater tickets and I will watch it again, several times, after I purchase it for the personal library. The actors did a GREAT job and added a connection to sidekick humor, which I didn't expect but enjoyed very much. Scarlet is equally paired with Jeremy on physical action and it blew me away - talk about great techniques!! Marc doesn't disappoint in his role as Hulk. I questioned the choice when rumors were out, but I liked him.
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Fantastic movie with tons of excitement

By Billy's my Boy
Written May 26, 2012
With all of these Super Hero's who could not like it. The plot was cute the Hero's all got along, no one out powered the other. I really enjoyed the whole movie. I think the HULK was my favorite this time. He was so gentle and then so "MEAN". I loved when he got to Loki....
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It's what you expect it will be with standout moments now and again

By neaphyte
Written August 03, 2012
I know what to expect from a hollywood superhero movie: great action and fx, clever quips, and plenty of celebrity casting, and this film delivered in line with my expectations plus plus. I only wish that the plot was more developed/surprising/unpredictable and that the the Tesserac's powers were less vague/oblique. Robert Downey Jr. was my personal favorite, and the alternate reality invading ships (you'll know what I mean when you see them) made me regret they had to be brought down.
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By rxsales
Written May 07, 2012
Action, drama, & comedy! Great effects, and acting!
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By hooked_on_movies
Written May 07, 2012
Wow... this movie is the most memorable movie I've ever seen. I'm still thrillin on it 6 hours after they all were ________ after the credits! The Hulk was comic genius... Iron Man was as good as ever if not even BETTER... Captain America was FAR better than the first one... Nick Fury... what a leading role for Sam... OUTSTANDING!!! And what can one say about Ms. Widow. Female kick but on STEROIDS!!! Thor was again the female eye candy and he must have taken acting lessons because it was so different than the first and much better. The evil dude was really evil in a really evil kinda way. I've not clapped my hands so much in the middle of a movie so much before. Never have I laughed so much and been so awed by the plot and the effects!!! Never before have I wished to stay the night to see it four more times! I WILL see this at least three or more times... ALL in 3D and very well done and even better then Titanic director dude did... EPIC in every sense of the word!
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