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Marvel's Avengers

By bilhelm
Written May 07, 2012
Excellent cast reprise, phenomenal screenplay and director. I would assume that the movie stands on its own regardless of format (IMAX, Real-3D, standard); IMAX 3D was fun but unnecessary. The best comic book I ever watched in real time! What have you been waiting for??? See it!
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Marvel's The Avengers

By mwpathfinder
Written May 08, 2012
The movie is classic!!! The writing and acting, tops!!! My wife and I saw it in IMAX 3D, the true experience!!! Action scenes and humor, incredible!!! Still in awe, from seeing it, last night!!!
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good movie

By Xytrax666
Written May 08, 2012
all i can say is... if u have already watched all the movies related, (thor, iron man, hulk, etc,etc) is a must go, worth it to watch and highly recommended
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Twas the day I watched The Avengers

By rorussell76
Written May 07, 2012
This has to have been one of the best movies I have ever seen. It had a great round of everything, from Comedy to Action, to even some sappy stuff.
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wild ride!

By gmichno914
Written May 04, 2012
The movie sucks you in from the beginning and keeps reeling you in. Its very entertaining, has the sarcastic witty humor that we all enjoy out of our superhero movies. Definitely worth seeing regardless if your a fan of the comics or not, Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downy, Chris Evans all do a marvelous job acting and don't get discouraged that we don't see Ed Norton as Bruce Banner, its been so long since that movie and Mark Ruffalo does a fantastic job of playing the Hulk i personally hope we see another Hulk movie since all the other are turning into trilogies. Overall i give it a 9/10 and looking forward to the sequel
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