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In a gaze

By panchoblanco
Written May 07, 2012
Great unbelievable just amazed with the film my kids and I will go and watch it again. Just a tip to all, watch it in IMAX 3D
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Kicked Ass

By Dixey3
Written May 06, 2012
Living up to all the hype from several other Marvel related films could have backfired, but they did it well. Great job giving all the characters a solid amount of screen time. Great story, great action, great humor, great connection to the previous films, great end for a second movie. Seriously, the end of the movie left me wanting the second movie to come out tomorrow!
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Very entertaining and lots of fun!

By mavram
Written May 13, 2012
Very good movie with a lot of action and incredible special effects. I had a lot of fun watching it. There were some very funny moments. Overall, it is a must see, preferably on IMAX and I saw it with 3D. I would see it again. Favorite overall is Robert Downey Junior who plays Ironman like no one else can!
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Live Comic Book!

By geema14
Written May 07, 2012
Watching The Avengers was like flipping through the pages of a "Must Read" comic book, panel by panel, and enjoying everything on each page and panel...all in a live action movie! The Avengers was so good! Thankfully Joss Whedon co-wrote and directed this movie. I don't think anyone else could handle so large a task! Including the original cast...Whedon is a MUST in any and all sequels!
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Entertaining but flimsy

By iambrett
Written May 06, 2012
Saw Avengers imax 3d ... I was an avid Avengers reader as a kid. Maybe that's why I was "entertained" but not "engaged". I think if you are going to adapt a comic book to the big screen, then add some depth and subtlety to the characters and plot beyond what you'd get from the comic itself. Unfortunately, felt the movie was a "comic on screen" rather than movie adaptation--too many "this is just a movie" moments to lose myself in the film. For example, the fight scenes with the enemy was like watching someone bowl down bowling pins. Lots of bangs, booms, and things exploding-- many video games make you think more. I realize that the Avengers franchise is for grown up boys, but it was a little too simplistic and flimsy. The hulk's suddenly sentient persona, the aliens who couldn't seem to hit a single Avenger,Iron Man's damaged suit that never quite fails until he JUST manages to succeed, Hawkeye's "hit on the head" recovery from mind control...some fun but not much more
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