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Way to start of the summer blockbusters!!!!

By midnightmoviemaster
Written May 04, 2012
This movie is an absolute miss school/work if you have to must go see for anyone even lightly into superheroes, and a definite see for someone looking for an action movie. This movie was so good, once the movie was over I wanted to pay to watch it again and it was 3 AM on a workday!!!!! While this movie may be lacking in depth and heartfelt emotion it delivers on what it promises in spades and adds a few unexpected goodies in the mix just to spice things up. Comic fans will be intoxicated by the cold frothy Marvel goodness this movie provides and action junkies will ride the adrenaline high for the duration. This movie get the summer blockbuster movie season of to a roaring start, delivering a superhero movie of a rare breed.
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By Aprildiamond777
Written May 07, 2012
WOW! Talk about amazing! You HAVE to see this movie! Even though my friend and I got caught in the 3rd row from the screen, it was still amazing in the IMAX 3D experience! SuperHeros at their finest and funniest! I wasn't too impressed with Scarlett Johanssen but the other actors and actressed were perfect! LOVED the new hulk!! Enjoyed looking at Thor and Captain America! lol Have fun!!
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Great movie

By stevepex
Written May 05, 2012
This movie is just what I expected it to be. If you grew up with Marvel comics you must see it, you will not be disappointed. And do not lecture the Hulk!
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avvengers 3d imax

By dgriffin368571
Written May 07, 2012
movie was very good imax 3d glasses were terrible 19.50 was a lot to pay to see a very good 3d movie with very poor 3d glasses would not go back to dublin imax
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The Avengers

By Swolfe814
Written May 07, 2012
I Loved the movie it was awesome! but the only down fall was the theater was packed I had to sit in the very front away from my Husband. I took him for his birthday and I couldnt even sit with him. Not only that the kids next to me were jumping up and down talking and screaming. I was not happy with the setting I couldnt enjoy the movie because of the circumstances with the movie theater. people were very rude and saving seats for other people who werent even in the theater. I am really upset i never had an experience like that before. I am mad I spent $32.50. also for children 10 and older.The movie was not for a younger age group.
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