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By rdiaz127
Written May 04, 2012
I never knew my eye balls can get goose bumps until I saw this movie!! Epic from beginning to end. It has everything, action packed, hilarious, AWESOME!!! Definitely a movie worth watching more than once.
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Superhero blockbuster

By VeezMan
Written September 16, 2014
This movie will satisfy all your expectations if you are a super hero movie type. Iron Man's charisma is worth experiencing and Hulk stands out in the movie in some very fantastic scenes. All heroes are very well portrayed and display differently personalities closer to humans (something you can relate to). It s a great entertainer beyond doubt! Its a must watch!!
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Worth it because my daughters stayed until the credits rolled! Girls!

By DLOW631
Written July 31, 2014
The movie lived up to the high expectations, and everyone walked out with that "worth it" buzz. The comparisons to other summer blockbusters are not necessary, just enjoy the super action, scene after scene. As a long-time Marvel fan, it makes it easier to give up on "Iron Man" franchise due to the fiaxco that won't produce a "War Machine" movie starring T. Howard.
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Avengers Real 3D

By 12thdisciple
Written May 06, 2012
I thought the movie was good. After reading several reviews, I thought the movie would be a "must go". I didn't feel that way after seeing the Avengers last night. With that many superheroes, I thought the story was written well. I struggled with the Hulk's character as he tries to tear the Black Widow to pieces and then has a change of heart to help the Avengers. I thought Robert Downey did a great job as Iron Man, even thought Stark speaks way too fast at times to really appreciate the dialog between him and other characters. Thor didn't disappoint, Captain America is a superhero everyone can relate to, and the villain is easy to dislike. Hawkeye's character is hard to understand in the mix. He's introduced briefly and then becomes a bad guy. Then he becomes a good guy, but the audience has a tough time relating to the character and he seems overshadowed by the Avengers with superpowers. Hawkeye is played well, but the character doesn't seem to "fit". Good movie though...
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Was It Worth the $15?

By hardraada
Written May 09, 2012
Yes. Building up the characters in previous films really helped this one out though I wish there had been a bit more back story to Hawkeye and Black Widow at some point. Downey is excellent again as Iron Man. Ruffalo makes a better Bruce Banner than Ed Norton Jr. in my opinion. The others also perform well - especially Hiddleston (Loki). They really brought a comic book to life. My only complaint was the overbearance of the Avengers infighting, but it was an itch that was quickly scratched and forgotten.
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