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In My Opinion

By stevenc819
Written May 26, 2016
When you are creating a "Superhero" for the big screen it has to have a careful balance of action, adventure, comedy and a small underline of morality. Each attempt to "Perfect" the character is riddled with guess work on behalf of the screen writers, movie studio, production staff and bottom line..........the actor. Taking this assortment of MARVEL characters and blending them together for on big gamble must take more guts than I would be willing to lay claim to. However, Each superhero has proven that they can stand on their own and make the cut. The only problem has been the Hulk who has had 3 owners. Mark Ruffalo was 100%better than I thought he would be. Eric Bana was horrible, Edward Norton was good and to my surprise Mark Ruffalo played his roll very well. This is everything a Comic Nut would want in a movie. Great plot, great acting, effects were mind buzzing, and all I can say is the last 2 minutes of the film made me say "PERFECT".
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Was It Worth the $15?

By hardraada
Written October 27, 2016
Yes. Building up the characters in previous films really helped this one out though I wish there had been a bit more back story to Hawkeye and Black Widow at some point. Downey is excellent again as Iron Man. Ruffalo makes a better Bruce Banner than Ed Norton Jr. in my opinion. The others also perform well - especially Hiddleston (Loki). They really brought a comic book to life. My only complaint was the overbearance of the Avengers infighting, but it was an itch that was quickly scratched and forgotten.
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it. was. intensely AMAZING!!

By derekjp33
Written February 19, 2017
like a 5 dimensional sequal, bringing about 4-5 other AMAZING to semi-Amazing movies together into ONE movie... and on top of it, i had a good serving of "cofee", yes that's with one 'f' because it indicates something other than coffee lol. WOW this movie, must see again soon!
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Everything we have been waiting for in a Superhero Movie

By Stich22
Written March 30, 2017
One of the most amazing jobs ever. Every character held true their prior movies... My hat goes off to everyone in this movie. It was a masterpiece. They did not hold back and shot for the sky. The plot was well done the scenes themselves just made you say wow at every single turn. And one pleasant surprise was you will not stop laughing or Cheering. I have not heard a theater get that loud in a long time. This was a refreshing look that some people in Hollywood still care about their movies and take their time to do it correctly. I hope for another one! Now on the short side I was not as impressed with the 3d version and the movie did seem it like it was really meant for 3d at all. So if you are looking for advise I would skip the 3d version.
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By sdemartini
Written July 01, 2016
SO FREAKING GOOD!!!! Even if you don't like these kind of movies with super heroes, I GUARANTEE you will love it. Worth every penny, especially if you see it in 3-D.
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