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Amazing...MUST Go see it ASAP though...

By CSD63
Written May 04, 2012
You need to see The Avengers...before everyone else does and spoils anything because of their excitement. The 9 sold out theaters emptied to all walks of life in complete aww. Quoting lines, imitating the cast and genuine satisfaction from the film. No doubt everyone will enjoy this movie - But if I were you...don't wait. We all work hard for our spending money, this movie is worth spending it on. Promise!
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By Lilbig16
Written May 04, 2012
Where do a I start. This movies is the best movie this year. Marvel has fuse three movies into one. The fact that they took all three movies plot and made one hellish movie show that they could out sale and out think DC comics movies. The biggest shock is the Hulk. He hasn't been the best charter in movies but they have made him fit like a puzzle piece in this movie. I also didn't think that three big stars would mesh together in one movie but they did and they did it well. I will not tell you the ending of the movie but I will warn you to stay behind to watch it. if you question yourself on whether you should see it or not than you don't have wonder this movie has a great plot, story line, action scences and comedy that will blow you away. You don't even realize that your sitting in the movie theather for two hours. If your reading this and still wonder if you should or should not than you should just go and see it. It worth buy another ticket to watch. Hell I'll see you there.
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Avengers Fantastic Action

By treknite
Written May 08, 2012
Marvel's the Avengers was a Super Action packed Fun Flick !!! I really enjoyed it start to finish because it never let up you just kept moving forward thru the story. It was a Great follow up to the preceding film's and I can't wait for the next Installement.
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By lish_luke
Written October 10, 2015
I am not a big Avengers fan more of a X- man guy but i have to say the movies was cool lots of action good story
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Today is going to hurt, but WELL worth it!

By Transepoch
Written May 04, 2012
Short and sweet: today should be a national holiday, so everyone can go see this movie. So go see this movie. Now. Why are you still reading reviews? Click that button up there that says buy tickets! The only downside I found, was that not having seen Thor yet, I felt a bit more in the dark about the main plot feeding in than I would prefer.
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