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Exceed all my expectations

By ThePunisher1975
Written May 04, 2012
I will keep this brief and just say The Avengers is by far the best Superhero film ever made and possible the most entertaining movie I have ever seen! Have seen it twice so far and want to see it many more times...yes it's that good! Stay until after the credits you will be glad you did. Now Bring on Avengers 2 and bring back Joss Whedon to direct he knock it out of the park with this film.
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The Avengers is The Bomb!!

By gunn07
Written May 05, 2012
I am always a big fan for the Marvel Comics and The Avengers took it to a whole new level! Everybody needs to go out and watch the number one Marvel movie out there and that is The Avengers!!
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Soooo worth every penny, especially in 3D!

By natalya35
Written May 07, 2012
Everything and anything was awesome about this movie! We took our 8 yr old and she loved it! 3D rocked. Thor rocked. Black Widow rocked. Captain America kicked butt. Hulk smashed. Iron Man was just plain awesome, as always! Do NOT miss this movie and if you think "nah I don't want to see it", think again!!!
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The best movie to date

By paracop
Written May 05, 2012
Of course being a superhero fan is a plus, this movie rocked in so many ways. I wanted to go right back into the theaters and watch it again. My children which are a variety of ages, from young to teen, absolutely loved it. We laughed so hard in one part we couldn't even hear the dialogue. This is a movie that I recommend to any age, two thumbs way up to Marvel. Way to go.
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Exciting Adventure

By robertbc1
Written August 01, 2014
Without a doubt a great movie... rough start just trying to figure out why all of the Avengers first wanted to kill one another... once you get by that the movie is pure adrenaline. Captain America brings sanity and a grounded attitude for the rest of the team. Now they just need to give iron man the same material for his suite at Captain America's shield. The hulk played a vital role and made it humorous, Thor was on target however understandably shooting the hammer too fast and otherwise the entire team was a great fit... bring in Spiderman, the Green Lantern and save another planet...
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