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Everything we have been waiting for in a Superhero Movie

By Stich22
Written May 05, 2012
One of the most amazing jobs ever. Every character held true their prior movies... My hat goes off to everyone in this movie. It was a masterpiece. They did not hold back and shot for the sky. The plot was well done the scenes themselves just made you say wow at every single turn. And one pleasant surprise was you will not stop laughing or Cheering. I have not heard a theater get that loud in a long time. This was a refreshing look that some people in Hollywood still care about their movies and take their time to do it correctly. I hope for another one! Now on the short side I was not as impressed with the 3d version and the movie did seem it like it was really meant for 3d at all. So if you are looking for advise I would skip the 3d version.
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Soooo worth every penny, especially in 3D!

By natalya35
Written May 07, 2012
Everything and anything was awesome about this movie! We took our 8 yr old and she loved it! 3D rocked. Thor rocked. Black Widow rocked. Captain America kicked butt. Hulk smashed. Iron Man was just plain awesome, as always! Do NOT miss this movie and if you think "nah I don't want to see it", think again!!!
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Exciting Adventure

By robertbc1
Written August 01, 2014
Without a doubt a great movie... rough start just trying to figure out why all of the Avengers first wanted to kill one another... once you get by that the movie is pure adrenaline. Captain America brings sanity and a grounded attitude for the rest of the team. Now they just need to give iron man the same material for his suite at Captain America's shield. The hulk played a vital role and made it humorous, Thor was on target however understandably shooting the hammer too fast and otherwise the entire team was a great fit... bring in Spiderman, the Green Lantern and save another planet...
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By HoodCritic1
Written May 06, 2012
After years of establishing the main characters for the ultimate team-up, "The Avengers" roared onto the scene with amazing visual effects, a solid and well-paced story line, great acting and Joss Whedon didn't disappoint at all in the director's chair. He clearly knew what he wanted to do with this story and where it could go, setting the stage perfectly for more films. This was Marvel's crowning achievement and an excellent start to the summer of 2012. A first-class Superhero genre film hands down. I loved it.
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By mustangkim11
Written May 05, 2012
I'd been waiting to see this since this time last year and I have to say that not only did it live up to the advance press and hype but it was for me, the best of all the movies leading up to this one. (Iron Man, Thor, Captain America etc etc). This movie could have turned out to be a big mess with all the characters in it but didn't. It was really well done and I was pleasantly surprised! I'm going back to see this again today in 2D. Caught it opening night in 3D. I'm sure two times seeing this won't merely be enough times I'm afraid. I give it two thumbs up! Go see it!
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