See it in

See it in 3D

By DunnFilms
Written December 22, 2014
Previously to attending Avengers, my friends and I got into a debate about 3D. 'Sure it was great in Avatar, but others where it is not shot stereoscopically, not a chance,' they said. I disagreed, and allow 3D has some major let downs in the past, I advocated that when done right, it is a whole new level of entertainment. Avengers proves my point. Don't cheat yourself of this visual candy sweet to the senses. The movie is extremely well paced and acted, a big concern seeing the list of stars. My only negative is that the plot line doesn't immerse as audience as well as some of Top Tens require. Don't get me wrong, it's great, but I was removed from most of the characters. Overall, the biggest surprise was who really gets all the comedy bits. A smart move that got the biggest laughs throughout.
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Exceed all my expectations

By ThePunisher1975
Written May 04, 2012
I will keep this brief and just say The Avengers is by far the best Superhero film ever made and possible the most entertaining movie I have ever seen! Have seen it twice so far and want to see it many more times...yes it's that good! Stay until after the credits you will be glad you did. Now Bring on Avengers 2 and bring back Joss Whedon to direct he knock it out of the park with this film.
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The Avengers is The Bomb!!

By gunn07
Written May 05, 2012
I am always a big fan for the Marvel Comics and The Avengers took it to a whole new level! Everybody needs to go out and watch the number one Marvel movie out there and that is The Avengers!!
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Must see!!!

By tboltbmf
Written May 07, 2012
This was a movie I have been anticipating since the announcement.It did not disappoint!!!From start to finish,I absolutely enjoyed every minute of it.The bits of comedy in it kept me laughing,while the action kept me on my seat.You don't have to be a comic book fan to enjoy this movie.I would highly recommend seeing it in 3-D,as some of the scenes jumped out at ya!!!All in all,great movie,one to take the family to go see!!!
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Too much Awesomeness

By Miss_TinaChris
Written September 21, 2014
I highly recommend going to see this movie at least twice in theaters. The movie is so awesome that you need to see it a second time to be able to absorb everything. The story and plot were cool, the characters weren't dull and Robert Downey Jr. was ridiculously funny!
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