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Whedon Did Not Disappoint

By samuel.e.jones
Written April 25, 2017
Once again, Josh Whedon pulls you into the story and almost makes you forget the whiz bang special effects. He even works in answers to the eternal fan-boy question, "who would win if blank fought blank...?" into the movie. Each hero/heroine gets a sufficient amount of screen time without it feeling like it's their movie with the other guys being subjugated. Whedon's offering matches what I'd always imagined these movies SHOULD be like. Best comic-based flick since Iron Man 2. Oh and don't forget to stay through the credits. There's a teaser for possible Avengers 2 with a dynamite villiain. 'Nuff Said.
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Must see!!!

By tboltbmf
Written October 27, 2016
This was a movie I have been anticipating since the announcement.It did not disappoint!!!From start to finish,I absolutely enjoyed every minute of it.The bits of comedy in it kept me laughing,while the action kept me on my seat.You don't have to be a comic book fan to enjoy this movie.I would highly recommend seeing it in 3-D,as some of the scenes jumped out at ya!!!All in all,great movie,one to take the family to go see!!!
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2 thumbs way up!!

By wargod217
Written December 02, 2016
This is truly the reason why I pay to go to the movies!! Saw it twice. And wouldn't mind a third time again. Never has a movie balanced its characters to where no one is more the favorite. The special effects were amazing. The 3d did justice. And who would have ever thought ever the hulk could be funny. I can't wait for the blue ray. If you haven't seen it yet, you should have your head examined!!!
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See it in 3D

By DunnFilms
Written October 25, 2016
Previously to attending Avengers, my friends and I got into a debate about 3D. 'Sure it was great in Avatar, but others where it is not shot stereoscopically, not a chance,' they said. I disagreed, and allow 3D has some major let downs in the past, I advocated that when done right, it is a whole new level of entertainment. Avengers proves my point. Don't cheat yourself of this visual candy sweet to the senses. The movie is extremely well paced and acted, a big concern seeing the list of stars. My only negative is that the plot line doesn't immerse as audience as well as some of Top Tens require. Don't get me wrong, it's great, but I was removed from most of the characters. Overall, the biggest surprise was who really gets all the comedy bits. A smart move that got the biggest laughs throughout.
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Excellent above all

By lumbeeman
Written October 26, 2016
This is quite simply the best Marvel release to date. Stunning action, breath taking visuals, and great script. The most accurate portrayal of the Hulk yet. I can't wait to see it again.
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