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Lives up to the hype.

By eamays
Written August 09, 2015
There are some movies (Jupiter Ascending immediately jumps to mind) where the trailers and the talk get you really excited, and then they let you down; this is not one of those movies! Admittedly, I think I need to see it again to be sure I'm not just living off the adrenaline rush, but I think this movie lives up to all the build-up. The sheer number of characters involved in this piece of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was both awesome and terrifying. A lesser director could never have pulled off 10 primary characters (the six known Avengers, plus big bad Ultron, plus Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and Vision) along with introducing a slew of secondary characters which may or may not become of vital importance in the movies to come. It balances backstory with action with character development and character interactions. It's just an overall amazing movie which is going to require multiple views to get it all. Loved it!
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Age of Ultron

By tamweeh13
Written May 04, 2015
This movie is by all means superior than the first Avengers. The characters are well developed and the story stands on its own, with some tie-ins from the past and future. I liked Ultron more than I expect and I thought the overall feel of the movie was great!
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Avengers Age of Ultron

By christianwyatt192
Written June 13, 2015
Definitely a great movie. Classic superhero film... I enjoyed all of the clever banter within the movie. Without a doubt a movie I wouldn't hesitate to see again. Plot was well done and did well to give a little history to the movie... Complicating the plot by getting a deeper understanding of the main characters. Only reason the movie did not receive 5 stars for me was because it was another superhero movie... Nothing mind-blowing happened that I didn't see coming. However, don't let that get you down. DEFINITELY A MOVIE WELL DONE!
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Pure awesomness

By rojasdiandra
Written May 03, 2015
Great movie!! Can watch it multiple times
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bad ass

By jsublaskyjr01
Written May 04, 2015
better than the first
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