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Captain America Rocks

By littlebrownrat
Written August 06, 2014
If you're a fan of the Marvel world, Captain America is a must see. The next installment of the Marvel/Avengers series is a fun, fast-paced action flick. Watchers of the TV show SHIELD will also enjoy the tie-ins from the past weeks. Capt. America, one of the Avengers working with SHIELD along with Black Widow, runs into an old friend who has become his nemesis, and the audience is pulled into a web of lies that Capt. must untangle, making it difficult to figure out who's on the "good" side, or even if there is a good side. A number of side characters from movies such as Thor and Iron Man return, including cameo regular Stan Lee, who gets the best laugh in the movie. But don't expect to see Agent Colson. You'll find him fighting his own battles on the small screen in SHIELD. There are a number of intense action/fight scenes which may be inappropriate for younger viewers.
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The Best Captain America

By slkaczma
Written August 06, 2014
I wasn't a huge fan of the first Captain America. This movie is arguably the best super hero movie to date. I highly recommend seeing it in IMAX 3D.
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Full on Action

By jeshuakestrada
Written August 06, 2014
Captain America the Winter Soldier completely went far beyond my expectation. The movie perfectly mixes its story telling and action scenes together leaving no dull moments. Even though you did not see the previous marvel movies you will not be completely lost. The movie is a action film and the choreography are done well with some intense fight scene. The film was well done.
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Phenomenal Sequel

By rollingsm
Written August 06, 2014
Most of the time with series films, the sequels do not match up in quality to the first. This particular film has great quality as well as great action and plot. Highly recommended.
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By fishitski
Written October 15, 2014
Either a lot of reviewers are totally illiterate or something is really fishy here. All of these reviews and nobody has anything to say? I think that someone has rigged the ratings system. Has someone spoofed multiple identities here? Is someone trying to hype the ratings here? I wonder!
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