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Captain America: The WInter Soldier Review

By jmcneal
Written April 06, 2014
For lovers of the Marvel Universe and The Cap this movie is a must see. The story is done very well and the connection to the previous Captain America is a nice touch. My only complaint is that the #d was overlaid and that is quite obvious at times.
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More Subversive than other Marvel fare...

By chrisrackley
Written April 05, 2014
The film "went there" with a lot of the moral ambiguity surrounding SHIELD that had been danced around for several films. If only it would have trusted the audience to answer the questions without banging them over the head with its own answer, the movie would have been something truly exceptional. As it stands, it's a massively entertaining film, with some of the best action sequences ever put in a Marvel film. See it.
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Winter Soilder review

By rob_e_smith
Written April 05, 2014
Capt A was a solid superhero movie. There was a lot of action with a good storyline, decent amount of humor and some unexpected twist. I'm a fan of this Capt American and Falcon duo.
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Great Movie...Period

By dec29f84
Written April 05, 2014
Marvel does it again. This is not only a great superhero movie, it's simply a great movie. This movie has intrigue, action and makes a great (and not so subtle) commentary on the tentacles of Progressivism. Captain America is the best of "We the People"
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Captain America - The Winter Soldier 3D

By lelerichardson
Written April 09, 2014
The movie was great. The only complaint we had was that when the characters were talking, it was hard to hear them. Other sound effects were loud enough, but the dialogue was soft and hard to hear. Otherwise, a great movie!
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