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A Captain America the Founding Fathers Would Be Proud of!

By SpiritMatter
Written April 04, 2014
This movie is an info laser aimed right at the heart of today's Big Biz/ Big Gov fascist elite who have successfully used fear to distract the world and the American people while they secure their undeserved position at the top of the wealth/power pyramid and guilt trip the upper/middle/lower working classes for desiring a fair share of the wealth/power pie. This movie was thoroughly engaging on all levels throughout the movie. This is a movie we can be proud to share with the rest of the world.
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Really GOOD Movie!

By garnett21k
Written April 07, 2014
This movie was REALLY GOOD, but I need to be honest and say I wasn't blown away. People were hyping it up and saying it's the BEST COMIC BOOK MOVIE/BEST AVENGERS MOVIE EVER. As long as you don't buy into that, you'll enjoy this movie. The story line was really good. The action scenes were up to Marvel Avengers standards. The comic relief was just about right. What I really liked that the movie had continuity from The First Avenger movie, as well as the Avengers movies. The villain was worthy as well. Overall, 8/10!
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Even I didn't get bored

By sgridley
Written April 12, 2014
My wife loves the Xmen and all comic heros, but sometimes I get a little bored. This movie definitely kept me engaged the whole time! I recommend it for anyone, even the non-comic book hero fans like me.
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Better than the first!

By susannasmovies
Written April 04, 2014
Action packed, great cast, and just a great story line. I wasn't sure how it was all going to come together for this one, but it far exceeded my expectations!
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What America should be.

By eddiebugjr
Written April 06, 2014
Talking about a cliff-hanger. This show has it all. Special effects were over the top. Some of the one-liners were a bit cliche, but hey- I like them. I would take my 12 year old grandson w/o hesitation.
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