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Trust in Capt. America for an Entertaining Ride

By agblum16
Written April 04, 2014
As one person I heard who had seen it before me said, the movie does play like a Tom Clancy and or Old Spy Novel. The movie does a good job of clashing Capt. Rogers's 1940's clearsensibility of right and wrong, to the Modern Day Nick Fury's view oftaking the World as it is, not how we would like it to be. The whole movie plays on that issue, and "who do you trust?" in today's complicated world. For the most part, the acting is very good. Chris Evans plays Capt.Well again, as do Samuel L. Jackson as Fury, and Scarlett Johansson as Natasha - "Black Widow". Anthony Mackie is an outstanding addition as Sam – "The Falcon". He is instantly likable. The one major knock - It comes mostly in the 1st portion of the movie,where the fights are moving so fast, sometimes they are hard to enjoy. I think slowing it down a bit would have made it better. Having said that, it's still a Very Good Movie. And as in all MCU Movies – Stick around - 2 Post Credit Scenes. 3 1/2 out of 4 Stars.
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Great movie action packed from beginning to end really enjoyed it!

By Robdante
Written April 04, 2014
Great Movie with Great Action! Truth, Justice, and the American way! This film was one wild epic ride that is on another level of Hero that is good for the sake of good! Get em' Cap!
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This movie is definitely worth it

By Remye
Written April 06, 2014
I don't do 3d movies, but this one, well it was worth it. The fights, the action, the SFX.. all of it. If you only see ONE marvel movie this year (yeah right huh?) see this one!
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This film was too serious, and way too much action without character development.

By newsoms
Written April 07, 2014
The first Iron Man set the bar in my opinion as Robert Downey Jr. created a character that we all can laugh with and enjoy. Just the right amount of fun and serious. Captain America is all action, which may be good for 14 year olds, but not the rest of us.
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Great action, solid story

By Hunter_S
Written April 07, 2014
Johnny Storm of the Fantastic Four returns for the third time as the thawed out WWII super soldier Captain America. This time with mystery and intrigue. It kinda took the direction of Iron Man 3 with the intrigue part. My only complaint is that this didn't feel like a post-alien invasion world. And I thought Falcon was pretty weak as a fighter. His weaponry was lame too. It didn't lend itself to the 3D treatment, so you'd save money by not seeing it that way. But it was money well spent overall.
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