Great Flick

By beesinger23
Written October 24, 2007
It was slow at first but it needed to set up the background. I saw the special screening and I LOVED it. I will definately go and see it again when it comes out. Very intresting story line and I love John & Joan Cusack. The little boy in the movie performs well. Very heart warming and is a tear jerker at times and makes you laugh out loud. You will be happy you went.
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Finally, more films are showing the truth about Dads

By GodfatherInOhio
Written November 03, 2007
Exceptional film! This was touching, thoughtfully made, and very well acted. John Cusack's sister Joan stood out in this story of an emotionally disturbed child who is welcomed into the world of a despondent widower. That Father & Son end up changing each other lives forever is only the beginning of the story. A single Dad's parental skills are on full display here, and how refreshing it is to see Hollyweird not stereotype single Dad's as uncaring louts. John Cusack nailed the single, scared, often neurotic single Dad. Big thanks to all who made this delightful, fun film. It is the perfect bookend to Will Smith's "The Pursuit Of Happyness". GO SEE IT!
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Very moving...

Written October 31, 2007
This was a great movie-- slow moving, but (I think) deliberately so. John Cusack is an amazing actor and he definitely showed his range in this film. It is a heartwarming story that I think individuals of all ages will appreciate.
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Written May 04, 2008
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Fruit Loops

By Daydream
Written November 04, 2007
The Martian Child is a touching story of a widower trying to be a father for the first time in his life by adopting a six year old “martian child”. John Cusack acts flawlessly as a struggling new parent and there is an astonishing connection between him and his son, Bobby Coleman. And who could forget about Joan Cusack, sister to John in real-life as well as in the movie. She brings a sarcastic form of parenting humor to the movie that makes it even more enjoyable. Wonderful feel-good movie.
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