• Released
  • October 21, 2011
  • (Limited 10/21)
  • R , 1 hr 41 min
  • Drama

By neefash
Written November 16, 2011
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Not a Movie You See Everyday

By Needhamhm
Written December 01, 2011
Overall, a unique movie that gave me a glimpse into cult psyche. I wasn't a fan of the unclear/unresolved ending. I wouldn't necessarily pay the expensive fee to see this one in the movie theater. Beware: Vulgar Language and Nudity/Rape
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A Worthwhile Thriller!

By dramaqueen63
Written November 15, 2011
I enjoyed this psychological thriller and felt like it was money well spent. I read the reviews from others and it will appeal more to those folks with substance and serious movie goers who are used to "artsy films". If you gravitate toward films for the excitement junkie you probably will find this film boring. I found it to be a worthwhile thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat and I loved the ending! Elizabeth Olsen will quickly make a name for herself in the movie industry.
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By Annegirl1910
Written November 20, 2011
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DId I pee my pants last night? Yes. If that isn't a glowing endorsement, I don't know what is!

By crampmystyletv
Written October 25, 2011
Just in time for Halloween, comes a new feel good family rom-com, Martha Marcy May Marlene Martha Mother May I. What a romp! I just saying on Friday how much I missed T.G.I.F. The universe has heard my cries because guess who is the star of this comedic spook-fest? No, not Dave Coulier. Although I know, I know, I have been anxiously awaiting a comeback too. None other than the youngest Olsen twin! Elizabeth Olsen! Yes, that's right, she ain't no twin at all! Just a regular sister with the same face as the twin ones. And just like the twins who played baby Michelle in the T.G.I.F. anchor "Full House", this little Olsen can really bring the laughs! Just like baby Michelle's famous tagline "You got it dude", their sister has hilarious soon-to-be taglines like "We have to leave, we have to get out of here." I mean, can't you see that on a tee shirt? She has the comic timing of Mary-Kate and the hilarious improv skills of Ashley, peppered with the bedroom eyes of John Stamos.
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