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Mars Needs Moms Synopsis
A tech-savvy Earthman and a rebel Martian join a boy's quest to rescue his kidnapped mother.
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By abrown925
It's been a long time since I've so thoroughly enjoyed a movie all my children could watch. Even movies geared towards kids often have a vile villain, or scary fight scenes. While there was suspense,...

Great movie for kids and families

By HuskerinAZ
Looking for more than an occasional laugh at toilet humor or jokes you hope your kids won't understand? Want to take your kids to a movie with positive messages and no gratuitous profanity or...

Martians Needs A Big Momma

By rawvibes
Every so often a bunch of kids are born on mars. The supervisor (Mindy Sterling) has made a decision to steal moms from Earth. Their first target, Milo’s house. Milo after an argument not to eat his...

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By gmr1000
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By Therumrunner5

not so great

By diet pepsi
well i love a good disney movie exspeualy a good animated disney movie the problem with this movie was this was just not a good disney animated movie it was sad slow and very boring for me and that...

Excellent, emotional, beautiful, and funny

By Winthers2
This was an amazing film. . .the perfect length and with all the qualities to entertain all ages. It was touching on many levels (son and mom relationship, importance of family and appreciating those...


By blondegram
Couldn't wait tot ake my two grandchildren and it was the biggest mistake. it was frightening and sadfor them........

Dumb people

By bedheadboy
I am seeing this today. I will update my review afterwords. I think it is unfair that people have said Oh no without seeing it. So I gave it a Must go. I will edit that later if I have to....


By jared23
People are funny. They write a bad review or rate a movie bad when they haven't even seen it.. Who writes a bad review based off the movie poster you're just an idiot. Go see the movie then you're...

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Rated PG | For Sci-fi action and peril
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Surprisingly touching adventure has sad moments amid comedy.
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