Marshall Teague
Birth Place:
Newport, TN

Worked With

Year Name Title
2012 Fred Williamson Last Ounce of Courage
2012 Jennifer O'Neill Last Ounce of Courage
2010 Barry Corbin Universal Squadrons
2007 Buck Taylor The Hard Ride
2007 Michael Rooker The Hard Ride
2005 Chuck Norris The Cutter
2003 Barry Corbin Monte Walsh
2003 Wallace Shawn Monte Walsh
2003 William Devane Monte Walsh
2003 Robert Carradine Monte Walsh
2003 Tom Selleck Monte Walsh
2003 Keith Carradine Monte Walsh
2003 John Michael Higgins Monte Walsh
2003 William Sanderson Monte Walsh
2003 Isabella Rossellini Monte Walsh
2001 Jim Metzler What Matters Most
2000 Ellen Barkin Crime + Punishment in Suburbia
2000 Jeffrey Wright Crime + Punishment in Suburbia
2000 Lucinda Jenney Crime + Punishment in Suburbia
2000 Conchata Ferrell Crime + Punishment in Suburbia
2000 Michael Ironside Crime + Punishment in Suburbia
1998 Owen Wilson Armageddon
1998 Liv Tyler Armageddon
1998 Michael Clarke Duncan Armageddon
1998 Steve Buscemi Armageddon
1998 Keith David Armageddon
1998 Jason Isaacs Armageddon
1998 Ben Affleck Armageddon
1998 William Fichtner Armageddon
1998 Lawrence Tierney Armageddon
1998 Billy Bob Thornton Armageddon
1998 Charlton Heston Armageddon
1998 Bruce Willis Armageddon
1998 Udo Kier Armageddon
1998 Will Patton Armageddon
1998 Peter Stormare Armageddon
1998 Bill Mumy Babylon 5: Objects at Rest
1998 Bill Mumy Babylon 5: The Ragged Edge
1998 Jeff Fahey On the Line
1998 Linda Hamilton On the Line
1996 Bill Mumy Babylon 5: Point of No Return
1996 Michael Biehn The Rock
1996 Nicolas Cage The Rock
1996 Sean Connery The Rock
1996 James Caviezel The Rock
1996 John C. McGinley The Rock
1996 David Morse The Rock
1996 Ed Harris The Rock
1996 William Forsythe The Rock
1995 Bill Mumy Babylon 5: A Day in the Strife
1995 Bill Mumy Babylon 5: All Alone in the Night
1995 Hal Linden The Colony
1995 John Ritter The Colony
1994 David McCallum Babylon 5: Infection
1994 Bill Mumy Babylon 5: Infection
1994 Dick Van Patten A Dangerous Place
1994 Mako A Dangerous Place
1994 Jake Busey Motorcycle Gang
1994 Carla Gugino Motorcycle Gang
1993 G.W. Bailey No Child of Mine
1993 Patty Duke No Child of Mine
1993 Susan Blakely No Child of Mine
1991 Elizabeth Ashley Love and Curses... And All That Jazz
1990 Peter Falk Columbo: Uneasy Lies the Crown
1990 Tommy Lee Jones Fire Birds
1990 Nicolas Cage Fire Birds
1990 Sean Young Fire Birds
1990 George Clooney Sunset Beat
1990 Patrick Macnee Super Force
1989 Jason Bernard Original Sin
1989 Charlton Heston Original Sin
1989 Sam Elliott Road House
1989 Keith David Road House
1989 Ben Gazzara Road House
1989 Kevin Tighe Road House
1989 Patrick Swayze Road House
1989 Kelly Lynch Road House
1988 Dale Midkiff Elvis and Me
1988 Billy Green Bush Elvis and Me
1985 Wings Hauser The A-Team: The Big Squeeze
1985 Janine Turner The A-Team: The Big Squeeze
1983 Tess Harper Starflight One
1983 Hal Linden Starflight One
1983 Lauren Hutton Starflight One
1983 George DiCenzo Starflight One
1983 Jocelyn Brando Starflight One
1983 Dar Robinson Starflight One
1983 Ray Milland Starflight One
1983 Gail Strickland Starflight One
1983 Robert Webber Starflight One
1983 Sam Elliott Travis McGee
1983 Richard Farnsworth Travis McGee
1983 Katharine Ross Travis McGee
1983 Amy Madigan Travis McGee
1983 Vera Miles Travis McGee
1983 Gene Evans Travis McGee
1983 Geoffrey Lewis Travis McGee
1982 Amy Madigan The Ambush Murders
1982 James Brolin The Ambush Murders
1982 Dorian Harewood The Ambush Murders
1982 Alfre Woodard The Ambush Murders
1982 Jane Greer The Shadow Riders
1982 Katharine Ross The Shadow Riders
1982 Tom Selleck The Shadow Riders
1982 Geoffrey Lewis The Shadow Riders
1982 Sam Elliott The Shadow Riders
1982 Dominique Dunne The Shadow Riders
1982 Gene Evans The Shadow Riders
1982 Ben Johnson The Shadow Riders
1982 R.G. Armstrong The Shadow Riders
1982 Harry Carey, Jr. The Shadow Riders
1979 Charles Siebert Topper
1979 Jack Warden Topper
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