Married Life Synopsis
A married man (Chris Cooper) and his best friend both fall in love with the same woman.
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Great cast, enjoyable, but a little slow

By pomspringz
Many sounds in the audience of yawning while I was watching this film, but it really is an excellent period piece, which takes place during the 1950s. The cast is quite incredible - Pierce Brosnan,...

Married Life

By Lizerne Guiting
After seeing this movie, I realize how versatile Chris Cooper can be. He's got this menacing sneer that provokes instant fear, and he doesn't even have to say a word. But "Married Life" shows all...

Good movie

By alexmccray
very Hitchcokian like film. For those that like that mental suspense with good acting its a go....

Married Life not what it is cracked up to be....

By Terrywheaton
Excellent cast with good acting, but the plot is slow and the movies just doesn't seem to work....

Married LIfe

By ladyedi39
Felt like a movie made in the 40's. Enjoyed very much, kept your interest all the way through. No violence,no bad language....We enjoy many movies made today but this was a respite from the genre...

Rich in characters, imagery; slow-moving & deficient in dialogue

By chgostan
The visuals of this period movie were spot-on as were the characters who were played superbly by a tremendous & well-cast ensemble. However, the dialogue seems to have been written by someone too...


By dgeraghty
While we were watching, this was pretty enjoyable. Started to get restless, asking myself where is this going? As it turns out, it doesn't go anywhere. A few red herrings are thrown out but nothing...

once in awhile a good movie comes along

By dougcrocker3
This one is great and you must see it if you like well-crafted movies....

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Rated PG-13 | For some thematic elements and a scene of sexuality