By Beckajane
Written June 09, 2010
I recently took my four and six year old children to see Marmaduke. We all loved the movie. It was hilarious. It is one of those movies that I could tell my kids were completely tuned into. This movie if fun for the entire family. I highly recommend this to people of all ages.
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The Kids who sat in front of me loved it

By ottoheckle
Written July 30, 2010
Silly talking dogs and cat with a good enough story to be entertaining. Not the typical family drama where people have to adjust to a new life in a new place but one in which the family dog is the star as he struggles to fit in with So Cal dogs. Has enough pathos especially at the end to hold your interest throughout.This is a good family movie , the kids who sat in front of me loved it. Thumbs up.
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Five Word Review

By azureblue10
Written May 03, 2010
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laughed so hard I cried

By sring347
Written August 12, 2010
you will not be disappointed.... go see it
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By Scooks
Written June 13, 2010
I took my 10year old grandson. Fart jokes & all, he really enjoyed it! Every kid in the theater laughed a lot I liked it better than Marley & Me. Being a real dog trainer for many years, watching 'Marley' be continually bad was painful. It's worth taking your kids to just for them to be entertained.
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