Marmaduke Synopsis
A lovable Great Dane's life turns topsy-turvy when his family moves from Kansas to California.
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By Beckajane
I recently took my four and six year old children to see Marmaduke. We all loved the movie. It was hilarious. It is one of those movies that I could tell my kids were completely tuned into. This...

The Kids who sat in front of me loved it

By ottoheckle
Silly talking dogs and cat with a good enough story to be entertaining. Not the typical family drama where people have to adjust to a new life in a new place but one in which the family dog is the...

Five Word Review

By azureblue10
Marmaduke dvdgiftcard available at Cinemark...

laughed so hard I cried

By sring347
you will not be disappointed.... go see it...


By Scooks
I took my 10year old grandson. Fart jokes & all, he really enjoyed it! Every kid in the theater laughed a lot I liked it better than Marley & Me. Being a real dog trainer for many years,...


By shargun
My grandson and I totally enjoyed this movie. It was clean, no violence or swearing or sex - just a good clean funny movie. I will buy the DVD when it comes out. Those of you who rated this movie...

good fun for all

By Gempoll
I took 3 kids age 9, and a 5 year old; and we all enjoyed every minute. Marmaduke is such a bumbling fool, but so lovable! The movie was funny and adorable. It could have ended about 5 minutes...

Fantastic Movie

By gabyc
This movie is very very cute! It is very funny i recomend it very very much for kids! it doesnt have any bad language! and it teaches a lesson! Dont try to be someone who u arent they'll like u for...


By candleblaster
It was cute, had a good message but you could tell when it was animated. It should all flow together so you can't tell. This is definitely a kids movie, but I do enjoy when the message is loud and...

Good family Fun

By kandyz
This movie is just good family entertainment. No swearinmg, sex or violence.! There is even a moral to the story. Take the kids to see this movie. You and the kids will enjoy it....

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Rated PG | For language and rude humor
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says America's favorite Great Dane is more "O.C." than "Lassie."
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