By jdestache
Written April 22, 2012
Not only does this movie pay a great tribute to the King of Reggae and one of my favorite artists of all time, but this movie is so inspirational. It is very long though, so plan on it. Don't drink to fast, have lots of food, and find a comfortable position because you won't want to miss a moment.
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By vegasGK
Written April 23, 2012
This movie was awesome whether you are a Bob Marley fan or not! It told the incredible life story of Bob Marley from the point of view of many different people who shared his life as well as wonderful film footage of Jamaica and old videos of Bob Marley that most people have never seen and of course it was set to the beautiful soundtrack of his life, his music of peace and struggle, love and war, happiness and sorrow. He was a beautiful soul who left the world a better place, he will forever be in my heart.
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Bob Marley, Poet and a Prophet

By NathanA
Written April 23, 2012
A fantastic documentary, detailing the life of Bob Marley. I learned that Bob's cause and purpose was born through living a life of poverty and seeing a way out through his God given talents for poetry and music. It is said in the movie that the harsh circumstances of his youth can make any person quickly go down a path of being good or bad. As a natural humanitarian, Bob chooses to not only elevate himself, but all people that suffer. As he discovers his music and his faith, Bob realizes his dream to bring all people together. The documentary has great detail from many people close to him, including his wife, children, producers and fellow musicians, all lending their voice to unfold Bob's story. The films compelling portrayal of Marley is told much more through the narrative drama of his life and less through a straight interpretation or celebration of his music. It's about illuminating Marley's roots and the trials he faced in his tragically short life. Highly recommend!
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By Mr Film Freak
Written April 21, 2012
I just saw Marley the documentary on reggae star BobMarley and it was EXCELLENT!!! A must see for any Marley fan or any music fan who wants to come into a understanding of not only the music but the man and the motive behind the music, VERY informative! A+
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EPIC, Brilliant Doucumentary

By bwalker78
Written April 23, 2012
for $6.99 on Time Warner Pay Per View you get to enjoy this amazing film for 48hours. I've watched it 3 times. It's amazing from the score and story. even if you are NOT a reggae fan GO SEE THIS FILM
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