Marley and Me

By ez1
Written December 20, 2008
Went to see it at a sneak preview and it is not the comedy they make it out to be. It is a sad and depressing story a dog that gets put to sleep in the longest death scene I have ever watched (they don't show that or tell you that in the trailors). This makes Old Yeller look like a comedy. Not a movie that should open Xmas Day and should not take kids to see this especially if they have lost a pet. This movie could have been a whole lot more than the death march it turned out to be. March of the Penquins was easier to watch.
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Marley & me

By kgross1257
Written December 31, 2008
Awesome movie. Real tearjerker. Fuuny, sad, tender. Only problem was I took my young daughter who was bawling at the ending and I spent the rest of the night consoling her.
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Marley and Me

By jbells
Written December 29, 2008
As a parent I was anticipating a wonderful holiday outing with my family, which included my young nine year old daughter, to watch the movie Marley and Me. My expectations, since we were viewing a movie with a PG rating, were that we would have a great time together watching a movie about a mischievious dog and his family's adventures with him. We have read several Marley books and have loved them. Innocence personified right? Wrong!!!! This idiotic movie for 'kids" was filled vulgar language and more sex then I cared to explain to my young daughter.... Skinny dipping, the wife calling her husband home immediately to become impregnated, squeaky bed scenes, words such as *******, son of a *****, balls (over and over) ****and many others- gave me the shock value that I never in my life will want to experience again. I will tell every single parent of young children to not go. Sex and dogs are not two topics that I would say go together for family viewing. How idiotic can producers be?
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Not for kids at all!

By melrivsons
Written December 28, 2008
I cannot believe this movie had a PG rating. With swearing, sex, skinny dipping, and talk of "bong hits", it should be no less than PG-13! I was uncomfortable and so were my husband and three boys. I figured this was good for the whole family but it is not. Terrible movie. Very disappointing.
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READ PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

By imndance
Written December 29, 2008
If you liked this movie you obviously have a lot of problems! I never have seen a movie that was soooo depressing. I HATED this movie. This movie was definately NOT a comedy. On Christmas day, I don't like watching a movie where a girl gets stabbed with a knife, a miscarriage, and a dog being euthanized! If you are a dog lover do NOT go to see this movie. There was way too much detail when the dog was being euthanized. I looked around the theater and I saw every person there sobbing. Sounds like an awesome Christmas movie for the whole family....NOT!!!!!!!!! 1,000,000 thumbs down! I will not be purchasing this movie! DO NOT GO SEE! The producers and marketers should be ashamed of themselves for posing this movie as a PG comedy...I am 13 years old and have more common sense...thats pretty bad! We have had to put some of our dogs down b/c of old age and there is NOTHING FUNNY about it! WORST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!
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