Mark Strong
Date of Birth
Jan 01, 1963
Birth Place:
Highbury, London, England

Worked With

Year Name Title
2016 Sacha Baron Cohen The Brothers Grimsby
2016 Penélope Cruz The Brothers Grimsby
2016 Ian McShane The Brothers Grimsby
2015 Mark Hamill Kingsman: The Secret Service
2015 Michael Caine Kingsman: The Secret Service
2015 Samuel L. Jackson Kingsman: The Secret Service
2015 Colin Firth Kingsman: The Secret Service
2014 Nicole Kidman Before I Go to Sleep
2014 Colin Firth Before I Go to Sleep
2014 Keira Knightley The Imitation Game
2014 Charles Dance The Imitation Game
2013 Brian Cox Anna
2013 Antonio Banderas Justin and the Knights of Valor
2013 Julie Walters Justin and the Knights of Valor
2013 Rupert Everett Justin and the Knights of Valor
2013 Olivia Williams Justin and the Knights of Valor
2013 Alfred Molina Justin and the Knights of Valor
2013 Charles Dance Justin and the Knights of Valor
2013 Peter Mullan Welcome to the Punch
2012 Brian Cox Blood
2012 Paul Bettany Blood
2012 Ciarán Hinds John Carter
2012 Jon Favreau John Carter
2012 Willem Dafoe John Carter
2012 David Schwimmer John Carter
2012 Thomas Haden Church John Carter
2012 Samantha Morton John Carter
2012 Dominic West John Carter
2012 James Gandolfini Zero Dark Thirty
2012 Stephen Dillane Zero Dark Thirty
2012 Harold Perrineau, Jr. Zero Dark Thirty
2012 Jennifer Ehle Zero Dark Thirty
2011 Antonio Banderas Day of the Falcon
2011 Donald Sutherland The Eagle
2011 Peter Sarsgaard Green Lantern
2011 Clancy Brown Green Lantern
2011 Tim Robbins Green Lantern
2011 Geoffrey Rush Green Lantern
2011 Angela Bassett Green Lantern
2011 Michael Clarke Duncan Green Lantern
2011 Jay O. Sanders Green Lantern
2011 Temuera Morrison Green Lantern
2011 Gary Oldman Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
2011 Kathy Burke Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
2011 Ciarán Hinds Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
2011 John Hurt Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
2011 Colin Firth Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
2010 Don Cheadle The Guard
2010 Brendan Gleeson The Guard
2010 Nicolas Cage Kick-Ass
2010 Elizabeth McGovern Kick-Ass
2010 William Hurt Robin Hood
2010 Russell Crowe Robin Hood
2010 Eileen Atkins Robin Hood
2010 Danny Huston Robin Hood
2010 Max von Sydow Robin Hood
2010 Cate Blanchett Robin Hood
2010 Mark Addy Robin Hood
2009 Derek Jacobi Endgame
2009 Jonny Lee Miller Endgame
2009 William Hurt Endgame
2009 Jude Law Sherlock Holmes
2009 James Fox Sherlock Holmes
2009 Robert Downey, Jr. Sherlock Holmes
2009 Miranda Richardson The Young Victoria
2009 Paul Bettany The Young Victoria
2009 Julian Glover The Young Victoria
2009 Jim Broadbent The Young Victoria
2008 Gérard Depardieu Babylon A.D.
2008 Michelle Yeoh Babylon A.D.
2008 Vin Diesel Babylon A.D.
2008 Charlotte Rampling Babylon A.D.
2008 Russell Crowe Body of Lies
2008 Leonardo DiCaprio Body of Lies
2008 Olivia Williams Flashbacks of a Fool
2008 Daniel Craig Flashbacks of a Fool
2008 Jodhi May Flashbacks of a Fool
2008 Viggo Mortensen Good
2008 Jason Isaacs Good
2008 Gemma Jones Good
2008 Frances McDormand Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
2008 Ciarán Hinds Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
2008 Shirley Henderson Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
2008 Thandie Newton RocknRolla
2008 Tom Wilkinson RocknRolla
2007 Ian McKellen Stardust
2007 Peter O'Toole Stardust
2007 Ricky Gervais Stardust
2007 Michelle Pfeiffer Stardust
2007 Rupert Everett Stardust
2007 Robert De Niro Stardust
2007 Claire Danes Stardust
2007 Cillian Murphy Sunshine
2007 Michelle Yeoh Sunshine
2006 Eileen Atkins Scenes of a Sexual Nature
2006 Ewan McGregor Scenes of a Sexual Nature
2005 Derek Jacobi The Long Firm
2005 Ben Kingsley Oliver Twist
2005 Ray Liotta Revolver
2005 Francesca Annis Revolver
2005 Tim Blake Nelson Syriana
2005 Chris Cooper Syriana
2005 Jeffrey Wright Syriana
2005 Viola Davis Syriana
2005 Jamey Sheridan Syriana
2005 Matt Damon Syriana
2005 William Hurt Syriana
2005 George Clooney Syriana
2005 Christopher Plummer Syriana
2005 Amanda Peet Syriana
2005 Rufus Sewell Tristan & Isolde
2003 Charles Dance Henry VIII
2003 Helena Bonham Carter Henry VIII
2003 David Suchet Henry VIII
2003 Ray Winstone Henry VIII
2003 Sean Penn It's All About Love
2003 Joaquin Phoenix It's All About Love
2003 Claire Danes It's All About Love
2002 Mark Addy Heartlands
2002 Sylvia Syms The Jury
2002 Derek Jacobi The Jury
2001 Jason Isaacs Hotel
2001 Salma Hayek Hotel
2001 Valeria Golino Hotel
2001 Lucy Liu Hotel
2001 George DiCenzo Hotel
2001 Danny Huston Hotel
2001 Julian Sands Hotel
2001 David Schwimmer Hotel
2001 Ornella Muti Hotel
2001 Burt Reynolds Hotel
2001 Ray Winstone The Martins
2001 Lee Evans The Martins
2001 Barbara Leigh-Hunt The Martins
2001 Kathy Burke The Martins
2001 Frank Finlay The Martins
2001 Robert Carlyle To End All Wars
2001 Kiefer Sutherland To End All Wars
1999 Emmanuelle Béart Elephant Juice
1999 Jennifer Ehle Sunshine
1999 Molly Parker Sunshine
1999 Bill Paterson Sunshine
1999 Deborah Kara Unger Sunshine
1999 Rachel Weisz Sunshine
1999 Rosemary Harris Sunshine
1999 Ralph Fiennes Sunshine
1999 Miriam Margolyes Sunshine
1999 William Hurt Sunshine
1998 Elizabeth McGovern Twice Upon a Yesterday
1998 Penélope Cruz Twice Upon a Yesterday
1997 Stephen Rea Fever Pitch
1997 Colin Firth Fever Pitch
1996 Kate Beckinsale Emma
1996 Olivia Williams Emma
1996 Prunella Scales Emma
1996 Samantha Morton Emma
1996 Sean Bean Sharpe's Mission
1994 Julia Ormond Captives
1994 Tim Roth Captives
1993 Robert Stephens Century
1993 Charles Dance Century
1993 Clive Owen Century
1993 Miranda Richardson Century
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