Mark Hammer

Worked With

Year Name Title
2003 Michael Douglas It Runs in the Family
2003 Kirk Douglas It Runs in the Family
2003 Bernadette Peters It Runs in the Family
1995 Nicolas Cage Kiss of Death
1995 Hope Davis Kiss of Death
1995 David Caruso Kiss of Death
1995 Helen Hunt Kiss of Death
1995 Philip Baker Hall Kiss of Death
1995 Kathryn Erbe Kiss of Death
1995 Anne Meara Kiss of Death
1995 Ving Rhames Kiss of Death
1995 Michael Rapaport Kiss of Death
1995 Stanley Tucci Kiss of Death
1995 Samuel L. Jackson Kiss of Death
1995 Ron Leibman Law & Order: House Counsel
1995 Jessica Walter Law & Order: House Counsel
1994 Lisa Eichhorn Law & Order: Nurture
1994 Christine Baranski Law & Order: Nurture
1991 Rosemary Murphy Law & Order: In Memory Of
1991 Christopher Walken McBain
1991 Luis Guzman McBain
1991 Chick Vennera McBain
1991 Maria Conchita Alonso McBain
1991 Michael Ironside McBain
1986 Jerry Orbach The Imagemaker
1986 Bill Thompson The Imagemaker
1986 Will Smith The Imagemaker
1986 Michael Nouri The Imagemaker
1986 Marcia Gay Harden The Imagemaker
1986 Jessica Harper The Imagemaker
1986 Farley Granger The Imagemaker
1985 John Lone Year of the Dragon
1985 Mickey Rourke Year of the Dragon
1980 Richard Jordan Raise the Titanic
1980 Anne Archer Raise the Titanic
1980 M. Emmet Walsh Raise the Titanic
1980 Michael Pataki Raise the Titanic
1980 Mark L. Taylor Raise the Titanic
1980 Jason Robards, Jr. Raise the Titanic
1980 J.D. Cannon Raise the Titanic
1980 Alec Guinness Raise the Titanic
1979 Peter Sellers Being There
1979 Shirley MacLaine Being There
1979 James Noble Being There
1979 Richard Dysart Being There
1979 Jack Warden Being There
1979 Richard Basehart Being There
1979 Melvyn Douglas Being There
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