Mark Feuerstein
Date of Birth
Jun 08, 1971
Birth Place:
New York, NY

Worked With

Year Name Title
2014 Jennifer Grey In Your Eyes
2011 Henry Winkler Royal Pains: Season 03
2011 Campbell Scott Royal Pains: Season 03
2011 Christine Ebersole Royal Pains: Season 03
2010 Will Patton Knucklehead
2010 Dennis Farina Knucklehead
2010 Saul Rubinek Knucklehead
2009 Campbell Scott Royal Pains [TV Series]
2009 Christine Ebersole Royal Pains [TV Series]
2008 Liev Schreiber Defiance
2008 Jodhi May Defiance
2008 Daniel Craig Defiance
2008 Molly Shannon Wedding Weekend
2006 Stanley Tucci 3 Lbs [TV Series]
2006 Griffin Dunne 3 Lbs [TV Series]
2006 Molly Shannon Sing Now or Forever Hold Your Peace
2005 Candice Azzara In Her Shoes
2005 Shirley MacLaine In Her Shoes
2005 Cameron Diaz In Her Shoes
2005 Norman Lloyd In Her Shoes
2005 Ken Howard In Her Shoes
2005 Toni Collette In Her Shoes
2002 Fred Ward Abandon
2002 Philip Bosco Abandon
2002 Benjamin Bratt Abandon
2002 Melanie Lynskey Abandon
2002 Jack Warden Abandon
2002 Tony Goldwyn Abandon
2002 Suzanne Pleshette Good Morning, Miami [TV Series]
2002 Hugh Grant Two Weeks Notice
2002 Robert Klein Two Weeks Notice
2002 Dana Ivey Two Weeks Notice
2002 Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice
2000 Eric Christmas Ally McBeal: Pursuit of Lonliness
2000 Calista Flockhart Ally McBeal: Pursuit of Lonliness
2000 Peter MacNicol Ally McBeal: Pursuit of Lonliness
2000 Lucy Liu Ally McBeal: Pursuit of Lonliness
2000 Ben Kingsley Rules of Engagement
2000 Anne Archer Rules of Engagement
2000 Kim Delaney Rules of Engagement
2000 Philip Baker Hall Rules of Engagement
2000 Tommy Lee Jones Rules of Engagement
2000 Samuel L. Jackson Rules of Engagement
2000 Bruce Greenwood Rules of Engagement
2000 Guy Pearce Rules of Engagement
2000 Tom Skerritt Trial by Media
2000 Lynne Thigpen Trial by Media
2000 Christine Lahti Trial by Media
2000 Caroline Aaron Trial by Media
2000 Valerie Perrine What Women Want
2000 Alan Alda What Women Want
2000 Helen Hunt What Women Want
2000 Mel Gibson What Women Want
2000 Bette Midler What Women Want
2000 Marisa Tomei What Women Want
2000 Penélope Cruz Woman on Top
2000 Harold Perrineau, Jr. Woman on Top
1999 Barbara Barrie 30 Days
1999 Dabney Coleman Giving It Up
1999 Martin Scorsese The Muse
1999 Jennifer Tilly The Muse
1999 Lorenzo Lamas The Muse
1999 Cybill Shepherd The Muse
1999 Sharon Stone The Muse
1999 Rob Reiner The Muse
1999 Jeff Bridges The Muse
1999 Andie MacDowell The Muse
1999 Steven Wright The Muse
1999 Albert Brooks The Muse
1999 James Cameron The Muse
1998 Lauren Graham Conrad Bloom [TV Series]
1998 Sandra Bullock Practical Magic
1998 Nicole Kidman Practical Magic
1998 Aidan Quinn Practical Magic
1998 Dianne Wiest Practical Magic
1998 Goran Visnjic Practical Magic
1998 Stockard Channing Practical Magic
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