Marion Dougherty
Date of Birth
Feb 09, 1923
Birth Place:
Holidaysburg, PA

Worked With

Year Name Title
2012 Arthur Hiller Casting By
2012 Buck Henry Casting By
2012 Bette Midler Casting By
2012 Norman Jewison Casting By
2012 Mel Gibson Casting By
2012 Robert Duvall Casting By
2012 Richard Dreyfuss Casting By
2012 Taylor Hackford Casting By
2012 Clint Eastwood Casting By
2012 Norman Lear Casting By
2012 Juliet Taylor Casting By
2012 Jon Voight Casting By
2012 Paul Haggis Casting By
2012 Paul Rudd Casting By
2012 Oliver Stone Casting By
2012 John Sayles Casting By
2012 Robert Redford Casting By
2012 Martin Scorsese Casting By
2012 Jerry Schatzberg Casting By
2012 Danny Glover Casting By
2012 Robert De Niro Casting By
2012 Ed Lauter Casting By
2012 Diane Lane Casting By
2012 Ronny Cox Casting By
2012 Jeff Bridges Casting By
2012 Ed Asner Casting By
2012 Glenn Close Casting By
2012 Ned Beatty Casting By
2012 John Lithgow Casting By
2012 Woody Allen Casting By
2012 Burt Young Casting By
2012 Peter Bogdanovich Casting By
2012 Tony Bill Casting By
2012 John Travolta Casting By
2012 Al Pacino Casting By
2012 Paul Mazursky Casting By
2012 Lynn Stalmaster Casting By
2012 Cybill Shepherd Casting By
1994 Danny Glover Maverick
1994 Robert Fuller Maverick
1994 Bert Remsen Maverick
1994 Max Perlich Maverick
1994 Denver Pyle Maverick
1994 Margot Kidder Maverick
1994 Art La Fleur Maverick
1994 Linda Hunt Maverick
1994 James Garner Maverick
1994 Dan Hedaya Maverick
1994 Geoffrey Lewis Maverick
1994 Jodie Foster Maverick
1994 Lauren Shuler-Donner Maverick
1994 Mel Gibson Maverick
1994 James Coburn Maverick
1994 Graham Greene Maverick
1994 Alfred Molina Maverick
1994 Doug McClure Maverick
1994 William Smith Maverick
1994 Clint Walker Maverick
1994 Dub Taylor Maverick
1993 Michael Douglas Falling Down
1993 Robert Duvall Falling Down
1993 Tuesday Weld Falling Down
1993 Rachel Ticotin Falling Down
1993 Frederic Forrest Falling Down
1993 Vondie Curtis-Hall Falling Down
1993 Barbara Hershey Falling Down
1993 Mel Gibson The Man without a Face
1993 Margaret Whitton The Man without a Face
1993 George Martin The Man without a Face
1993 Geoffrey Lewis The Man without a Face
1993 Nick Stahl The Man without a Face
1993 Richard Masur The Man without a Face
1992 Jan de Bont Lethal Weapon 3
1992 Joe Pesci Lethal Weapon 3
1992 Rene Russo Lethal Weapon 3
1992 Mel Gibson Lethal Weapon 3
1992 Lauren Shuler-Donner Lethal Weapon 3
1992 Danny Glover Lethal Weapon 3
1992 Kyra Sedgwick Singles
1992 Matt Dillon Singles
1992 Bridget Fonda Singles
1992 Paul Giamatti Singles
1992 Campbell Scott Singles
1992 Eric Stoltz Singles
1992 Tim Burton Singles
1992 Cameron Crowe Singles
1992 James LeGros Singles
1992 Tom Skerritt Singles
1992 Bill Pullman Singles
1991 Bridget Fonda Doc Hollywood
1991 Michael Chapman Doc Hollywood
1991 David Ogden Stiers Doc Hollywood
1991 Roberts Blossom Doc Hollywood
1991 Frances Sternhagen Doc Hollywood
1991 Woody Harrelson Doc Hollywood
1991 George Hamilton Doc Hollywood
1991 Barnard Hughes Doc Hollywood
1991 Michael J. Fox Doc Hollywood
1991 Stephen Root Guilty by Suspicion
1991 Tom Sizemore Guilty by Suspicion
1991 Ben Piazza Guilty by Suspicion
1991 Martin Scorsese Guilty by Suspicion
1991 Patricia Wettig Guilty by Suspicion
1991 Sam Wanamaker Guilty by Suspicion
1991 George Wendt Guilty by Suspicion
1991 Adam Baldwin Guilty by Suspicion
1991 Annette Bening Guilty by Suspicion
1991 Illeana Douglas Guilty by Suspicion
1991 Chris Cooper Guilty by Suspicion
1991 Robert De Niro Guilty by Suspicion
1991 Richard Grieco If Looks Could Kill
1991 Linda Hunt If Looks Could Kill
1991 Gabrielle Anwar If Looks Could Kill
1991 Bruce Willis The Last Boy Scout
1991 Halle Berry The Last Boy Scout
1991 Damon Wayans The Last Boy Scout
1991 Noble Willingham The Last Boy Scout
1991 Demi Moore Nothing But Trouble
1991 John Candy Nothing But Trouble
1991 Chevy Chase Nothing But Trouble
1991 Dan Aykroyd Nothing But Trouble
1991 Brian Doyle-Murray Nothing But Trouble
1990 Nathan Lane Joe Versus the Volcano
1990 Amanda Plummer Joe Versus the Volcano
1990 Lloyd Bridges Joe Versus the Volcano
1990 Dan Hedaya Joe Versus the Volcano
1990 Carol Kane Joe Versus the Volcano
1990 Tom Hanks Joe Versus the Volcano
1990 Ossie Davis Joe Versus the Volcano
1990 Abe Vigoda Joe Versus the Volcano
1990 Meg Ryan Joe Versus the Volcano
1990 Robert Stack Joe Versus the Volcano
1989 Robert Wuhl Batman
1989 Tracey Walter Batman
1989 Jack Palance Batman
1989 Jack Nicholson Batman
1989 John Lurie Batman
1989 Billy Dee Williams Batman
1989 Michael Gough Batman
1989 Michael Keaton Batman
1989 Kim Basinger Batman
1989 Pat Hingle Batman
1989 Patsy Kensit Lethal Weapon 2
1989 Joss Ackland Lethal Weapon 2
1989 Joe Pesci Lethal Weapon 2
1989 Danny Glover Lethal Weapon 2
1989 Mel Gibson Lethal Weapon 2
1988 Ben Piazza Clean and Sober
1988 Kathy Baker Clean and Sober
1988 Tate Donovan Clean and Sober
1988 Morgan Freeman Clean and Sober
1988 Michael Keaton Clean and Sober
1988 M. Emmet Walsh Clean and Sober
1988 George "Buck" Flower Funny Farm
1988 Chevy Chase Funny Farm
1987 Mel Gibson Lethal Weapon
1987 Gary Busey Lethal Weapon
1987 Danny Glover Lethal Weapon
1985 Chevy Chase Spies Like Us
1985 Donna Dixon Spies Like Us
1985 Bernie Casey Spies Like Us
1985 Costa-Gavras Spies Like Us
1985 Michael Apted Spies Like Us
1985 Bob Hope Spies Like Us
1985 Bruce Davison Spies Like Us
1985 Sam Raimi Spies Like Us
1985 Joel Coen Spies Like Us
1985 Dan Aykroyd Spies Like Us
1985 Ray Harryhausen Spies Like Us
1985 Larry Cohen Spies Like Us
1985 Frank Oz Spies Like Us
1985 Terry Gilliam Spies Like Us
1985 Martin Brest Spies Like Us
1984 Goldie Hawn Swing Shift
1984 Ed Harris Swing Shift
1984 Holly Hunter Swing Shift
1984 Beth Henley Swing Shift
1984 Roger Corman Swing Shift
1984 Stephen Tobolowsky Swing Shift
1984 Kurt Russell Swing Shift
1984 Marvin Miller Swing Shift
1984 Fred Ward Swing Shift
1984 Christine Lahti Swing Shift
1984 Chris Lemmon Swing Shift
1984 Charles Napier Swing Shift
1983 Pat Hingle Sudden Impact
1983 Bradford Dillman Sudden Impact
1983 James McEachin Sudden Impact
1983 Clint Eastwood Sudden Impact
1983 Sondra Locke Sudden Impact
1983 Michael Vincente Gazzo Sudden Impact
1982 Nigel Hawthorne Firefox
1982 Clint Eastwood Firefox
1982 Freddie Jones Firefox
1982 John Ratzenberger Firefox
1982 Stefan Schnabel Firefox
1981 Bessie Love Reds
1981 M. Emmet Walsh Reds
1981 R.G. Armstrong Reds
1981 George Plimpton Reds
1981 Maureen Stapleton Reds
1981 Dolph Sweet Reds
1981 Ian Wolfe Reds
1981 Paul Sorvino Reds
1981 Ramon Bieri Reds
1981 Jack Nicholson Reds
1981 George Jessel Reds
1981 Warren Beatty Reds
1981 William Daniels Reds
1981 Gene Hackman Reds
1981 Edward Herrmann Reds
1981 Diane Keaton Reds
1981 Jane Jenkins Reds
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