Marietta Marich

Worked With

Year Name Title
2006 Sigourney Weaver Happily N'Ever After
2006 Freddie Prinze, Jr. Happily N'Ever After
2006 Wallace Shawn Happily N'Ever After
2006 George Carlin Happily N'Ever After
2006 Sarah Michelle Gellar Happily N'Ever After
2006 R. Lee Ermey The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
2003 John Larroquette The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
2003 R. Lee Ermey The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
2000 Jay O. Sanders Picnic
2000 Mary Steenburgen Picnic
2000 Bonnie Bedelia Picnic
2000 Josh Brolin Picnic
1996 Vanessa Redgrave Two Mothers for Zachary
1995 Richard Crenna In the Name of Love: A Texas Tragedy
1993 Kevin Costner A Perfect World
1993 Laura Dern A Perfect World
1993 Clint Eastwood A Perfect World
1993 Mary Alice A Perfect World
1992 Philip Seymour Hoffman Leap of Faith
1992 Liam Neeson Leap of Faith
1992 Debra Winger Leap of Faith
1992 Steve Martin Leap of Faith
1992 Meat Loaf Leap of Faith
1992 Lolita Davidovich Leap of Faith
1992 Lukas Haas Leap of Faith
1992 Karen Sillas Simple Men
1992 Martin Donovan Simple Men
1992 Elina Löwensohn Simple Men
1992 Robert John Burke Simple Men
1989 Ted Levine The Fulfillment
1988 Teri Garr Full Moon in Blue Water
1988 Burgess Meredith Full Moon in Blue Water
1988 Elias Koteas Full Moon in Blue Water
1988 Gene Hackman Full Moon in Blue Water
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