History with a twist!

Written July 20, 2007
Although not a great movie for historical refrences, it is an inteteresting way to depict the life of one of, if not the most famous queens in history. It's an interesting blend of history, florid costumes, and both classical and indie rock music. Two thumbs up!
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A great dissapointment

By Hollywood[is]Jealous
Written November 19, 2006

I was VERY excited to see one of my favorite tragic queens come alive on screen, by my favorite current actress--the lovely Kirstin Dunst. The music at times was entirely innapropriate for the scenes. Marie Antoinette was portrayed as a soft spoken, innocent beauty. In truth, Marie became cold, snobby, and self centered.  The camera work was dreadful and shaky.  But what really made me mad, was at the end when Antoinette, Louis, & their children rode of into sunrise. In History, both Marie & her husband are beheaded. In this film, it seemed to an audience who DOESNT know the story, that they escaped & lived happily ever after. This awkward ending put Marie Antoinette number 1 on my list--for the worst movie I have ever seen. Save it for when it comes on television, this movie is not worth wasting your money on.

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long live Marie!

By Moviedude
Written June 02, 2007
A lend of classical history,and modren-day flash,Marie Antoinette I think has become a classic.The luminous Kirsten Dunst is sensatonal as Marie.I loved the rock music,especially The Strokes,and all the other modern-day tweaks that Ms.Coppola so beautifully added to an otherwise "I've seen this before" subject.Yes you probably have seen things on Marie Antoinette,or at least heard of her,but you've never seen this one-of-a-kind rendition before.Ms.Coppola's version of Marie Antoinette is an absolute yes on all levels.
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Marie Antoinette

By *Lucky_girl*
Written November 18, 2006
Excellent film with lots of culture and beautiful color. There's not much dialogue at times, but Marie Antoinette is portrayed wonderfully and as a genuine person with real life feelings. Sofia Coppola has done a lovely job once again.
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By My_Honest_Opinion
Written December 26, 2006
I heard of Marie Antoinette all my life, "Off with her Head" and have seen all those creative Holloween costumes with the scar on the neck. I honestly was expecting a more believable story line? The Modern Music Mix did not cut it for me, and the JELLO, come on? JELLO was not even created yet. There was so many things wrong with the movie. BAD BAD BAD. Honestly I walked out. I could not take it anymore. Message to Sofia Coppola, if you are going to make a movie of the teenage queen, please create it a long the lines of PRIDE and PREDEJUCE. I was VERY DESAPPOINTED ! I hope a screenwriter reads this and someday writes the true story of Marie Antoinette. Don't wast you money.
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