Marie Antoinette Synopsis
Biopic of the famous Queen of France.
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History with a twist!

Although not a great movie for historical refrences, it is an inteteresting way to depict the life of one of, if not the most famous queens in history. It's an interesting blend of history, florid...

long live Marie!

By Moviedude
A lend of classical history,and modren-day flash,Marie Antoinette I think has become a classic.The luminous Kirsten Dunst is sensatonal as Marie.I loved the rock music,especially The Strokes,and all...

A great dissapointment

By Hollywood[is]Jealous
I was VERY excited to see one of my favorite tragic queens come alive on screen, by my favorite current actress--the lovely Kirstin Dunst. The music at times was entirely innapropriate for the...

Worst movie ever made.

By Phoenixcool
I wasnt looking for a documentary on Marie, but a little historical accuracy would have been nice. The movie told little about the life of the queen. I waited hours and didnt even see Marie and...

Do not waste your time

By mango555
I'm generally a fairly easy judge of movies. If I'm entertained, I'll at least tell people it's worth seeing. But this movie was awful. My suggestion to everyone: Don't Waste your Time! There could...


By gilbert282
Kirsten Dunst (Marie Antoinette), a blossomy princess of the Austrian Palisade, promised in marriage to Prince Louis. Kirsten's usual witty and glimmering character silenced by royal formality and...

Marie Antoinette

By *Lucky_girl*
Excellent film with lots of culture and beautiful color. There's not much dialogue at times, but Marie Antoinette is portrayed wonderfully and as a genuine person with real life feelings. Sofia...


By My_Honest_Opinion
I heard of Marie Antoinette all my life, "Off with her Head" and have seen all those creative Holloween costumes with the scar on the neck. I honestly was expecting a more believable story line? The...

Marie Antoinette...

By chaosdumplings
Great visual movie. Not for those who want a complex quick paced plot....


By bfree90
I enjoyed this movie to the fullest.The costumes were extarvagent and the accuracy of the film in historical senses was amazing.It captured the emotions and fantasies of one of history's most...

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Rated PG-13 | For sexual content, partial nudity and innuendo