Marian Nixon
Date of Birth
Oct 20, 1904

Worked With

Year Name Title
1936 Louis Natheaux Captain Calamity
1936 Edward J. Le Saint The Dragnet
1936 Rod La Rocque The Dragnet
1936 Betty Compson The Dragnet
1936 Kane Richmond The Reckless Way
1936 Marie Prevost Tango
1936 Herman Bing Tango
1936 Franklin Pangborn Tango
1935 Betty Grable By Your Leave
1935 Margaret Hamilton By Your Leave
1935 Neil Hamilton By Your Leave
1935 Gene Lockhart By Your Leave
1935 Genevieve Tobin By Your Leave
1935 Charles Ray By Your Leave
1935 Lucien Littlefield Sweepstake Annie
1934 Alan Mowbray Embarrassing Moments
1934 Chester Morris Embarrassing Moments
1934 Herman Bing Embarrassing Moments
1934 George E. Stone Embarrassing Moments
1934 Huntly Gordon Embarrassing Moments
1934 Jane Darwell Embarrassing Moments
1934 Greta Meyer The Lineup
1934 Harold Huber The Lineup
1934 William Gargan The Lineup
1934 Neil Hamilton Once to Every Bachelor
1934 George Irving Once to Every Bachelor
1934 Raymond Hatton Once to Every Bachelor
1934 Jackie Searl Strictly Dynamite
1934 Eugene Pallette Strictly Dynamite
1934 William Gargan Strictly Dynamite
1934 Lupe Velez Strictly Dynamite
1934 Berton Churchill Strictly Dynamite
1934 Jimmy Durante Strictly Dynamite
1934 Franklin Pangborn Strictly Dynamite
1934 Stanley Fields Strictly Dynamite
1934 Sterling Holloway Strictly Dynamite
1934 Dick Elliott We're Rich Again
1934 Reginald Denny We're Rich Again
1934 Billie Burke We're Rich Again
1934 Larry "Buster" Crabbe We're Rich Again
1934 Edgar Kennedy We're Rich Again
1934 Grant Mitchell We're Rich Again
1934 Edna May Oliver We're Rich Again
1933 Frank Morgan Best of Enemies
1933 Charles "Buddy" Rogers Best of Enemies
1933 Herman Bing Chance at Heaven
1933 Ginger Rogers Chance at Heaven
1933 Joel McCrea Chance at Heaven
1933 Lucien Littlefield Chance at Heaven
1933 Andy Devine Chance at Heaven
1933 Betty Furness Chance at Heaven
1933 Berton Churchill Doctor Bull
1933 Ralph Morgan Doctor Bull
1933 Rochelle Hudson Doctor Bull
1933 Andy Devine Doctor Bull
1933 Charles B. Middleton Doctor Bull
1933 Louise Dresser Doctor Bull
1933 Elizabeth Patterson Doctor Bull
1933 Robert Parrish Doctor Bull
1933 Will Rogers Doctor Bull
1933 Spencer Tracy The Face in the Sky
1933 Sam Hardy The Face in the Sky
1933 Stuart Erwin The Face in the Sky
1933 Lila Lee The Face in the Sky
1933 George "Slim" Summerville Out All Night
1933 ZaSu Pitts Out All Night
1933 Laura Hope Crews Out All Night
1933 Shirley Temple Out All Night
1933 Billy Barty Out All Night
1933 Ben Hendricks, Jr. Out All Night
1933 Mae Busch Out All Night
1933 Reginald Denny Out All Night
1933 Charles Grapewin Pilgrimage
1933 Hedda Hopper Pilgrimage
1933 Robert Warwick Pilgrimage
1933 Heather Angel Pilgrimage
1933 Betty Blythe Pilgrimage
1932 Charles Farrell After Tomorrow
1932 William Pawley After Tomorrow
1932 Ferdinand Munier After Tomorrow
1932 Greta Granstedt After Tomorrow
1932 Edwin Stanley Amateur Daddy
1932 Warner Baxter Amateur Daddy
1932 Clarence H. Wilson Amateur Daddy
1932 William Pawley Amateur Daddy
1932 Frankie Darro Amateur Daddy
1932 Warner Oland Charlie Chan's Chance
1932 James Kirkwood Charlie Chan's Chance
1932 Ralph Morgan Charlie Chan's Chance
1932 Edward Peil Sr. Charlie Chan's Chance
1932 H.B. Warner Charlie Chan's Chance
1932 ZaSu Pitts Madison Square Garden
1932 Jack Oakie Madison Square Garden
1932 Thomas Meighan Madison Square Garden
1932 Mae Marsh Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
1932 Alan Hale Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
1932 Ralph Bellamy Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
1932 Louise Beavers Too Busy to Work
1932 Will Rogers Too Busy to Work
1932 Dick Powell Too Busy to Work
1932 Charles B. Middleton Too Busy to Work
1932 George "Gabby" Hayes Winner Take All
1932 Phil Tead Winner Take All
1932 Bob Perry Winner Take All
1932 Virginia Bruce Winner Take All
1932 James Cagney Winner Take All
1932 George Raft Winner Take All
1932 Guy Kibbee Winner Take All
1932 Dickie Moore Winner Take All
1932 Clarence Muse Winner Take All
1932 Alan Mowbray Winner Take All
1932 Clarence H. Wilson Winner Take All
1932 Rolfe Sedan Winner Take All
1932 John Kelly Winner Take All
1932 Allan Lane Winner Take All
1931 Cornelius Keefe Ex-Flame
1931 Norman Kerry Ex-Flame
1931 Neil Hamilton Ex-Flame
1931 Harry "Snub" Pollard Ex-Flame
1931 King Baggot Sweepstakes
1931 Eddie Quillan Sweepstakes
1931 James Gleason Sweepstakes
1931 Clara Kimball Young Women Go on Forever
1930 Guinn "Big Boy" Williams College Lovers
1930 Frank McHugh College Lovers
1930 Richard Barthelmess The Lash
1930 Mary Astor The Lash
1930 Fred Kohler The Lash
1930 Lowell Sherman The Pay Off
1930 Bert Moorhouse The Pay Off
1930 John Halliday Scarlet Pages
1930 Wilbur Mack Scarlet Pages
1929 John Barrymore General Crack
1929 Hobart Bosworth General Crack
1929 William Von Brincken General Crack
1929 Lowell Sherman General Crack
1929 Jacqueline Logan General Crack
1929 Eddie Quillan Geraldine
1929 Ben Hall In the Headlines
1929 Norman Kerry Man, Woman and Wife
1929 George "Gabby" Hayes Rainbow Man
1929 Frankie Darro Rainbow Man
1929 Sam Hardy Rainbow Man
1929 Al Jolson Say It with Songs
1929 Fred Kohler Say It with Songs
1929 Richard Barthelmess Show of Shows
1929 Mary Astor Show of Shows
1929 Hans Conried Show of Shows
1929 Louise Fazenda Show of Shows
1929 Hobart Bosworth Show of Shows
1929 Viola Dana Show of Shows
1929 Dolores Costello Show of Shows
1929 John Barrymore Show of Shows
1929 Noah Beery, Sr. Show of Shows
1929 Monte Blue Show of Shows
1929 Ben Turpin Show of Shows
1929 Alice White Show of Shows
1929 Frank Morgan Show of Shows
1929 Ann Sothern Show of Shows
1929 H.B. Warner Show of Shows
1929 Loretta Young Show of Shows
1929 Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Show of Shows
1929 Lois Wilson Show of Shows
1929 Jack Buchanan Show of Shows
1929 Chester Morris Show of Shows
1929 Lila Lee Show of Shows
1929 Myrna Loy Show of Shows
1929 Sally O'Neil Show of Shows
1929 Patsy Ruth Miller Show of Shows
1929 Tully Marshall Show of Shows
1929 Shirley Mason Show of Shows
1929 Montagu Love Silks and Saddles
1929 Richard Barthelmess Young Nowheres
1928 Bela Lugosi How to Handle Women
1928 Glenn Tryon How to Handle Women
1928 Jean Hersholt Jazz Mad
1928 Roscoe Karns Jazz Mad
1928 Richard Barthelmess Out of the Ruins
1928 Eugene Pallette Out of the Ruins
1928 Andy Devine Red Lips
1928 Charles "Buddy" Rogers Red Lips
1927 George Sidney The Auctioneer
1927 George "Slim" Summerville Chinese Parrot
1927 Edgar Kennedy Chinese Parrot
1927 Hobart Bosworth Chinese Parrot
1927 Florence Turner Chinese Parrot
1927 Anna May Wong Chinese Parrot
1927 Ben Hall Down the Stretch
1927 Nelson McDowell Hands Off
1927 Ben Hendricks, Jr. Out All Night
1927 Reginald Denny Out All Night
1927 Lucien Littlefield Taxi Taxi
1927 Edward Everett Horton Taxi Taxi
1926 Pauline Frederick Devil's Island
1926 Colleen Moore Hands Up
1926 Montagu Love Hands Up
1926 Mack Swain Hands Up
1926 Raymond Griffith Hands Up
1926 Reginald Denny Rolling Home
1926 Ben Hendricks, Jr. Rolling Home
1926 Pat O'Malley Spangles
1926 Hobart Bosworth Spangles
1926 Reginald Denny What Happened to Jones
1926 Ben Hendricks, Jr. What Happened to Jones
1926 ZaSu Pitts What Happened to Jones
1925 Carole Lombard Durand of the Bad Lands
1925 Buck Jones Durand of the Bad Lands
1925 Hoot Gibson The Hurricane Kid
1925 Reginald Denny I'll Show You the Town
1925 Lilyan Tashman I'll Show You the Town
1925 Hoot Gibson Let 'er Buck
1925 Tom Mix Riders of the Purple Sage
1925 Warner Oland Riders of the Purple Sage
1925 Fred Kohler Riders of the Purple Sage
1925 Anne Shirley Riders of the Purple Sage
1925 Reginald Denny Where Was I?
1925 Tyrone Power Where Was I?
1924 Buck Jones Circus Cowboy
1924 John Gilbert Just off Broadway
1924 Ben Hendricks, Jr. Just off Broadway
1924 Tom Mix The Last of the Duanes
1924 Hoot Gibson Ridin' Kid from Powder River
1924 Tully Marshall Ridin' Kid from Powder River
1924 Buck Jones Vagabond Trail
1924 George H. Reed Vagabond Trail
1923 Buck Jones Big Dan
1923 Ben Hendricks, Jr. Big Dan
1923 Charles Ray The Courtship of Miles Standish
1923 Buck Jones Cupid's Fireman
1923 Irene Rich Rosita
1923 Charles Farrell Rosita
1923 Mary Pickford Rosita
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