Marian Marsh
Date of Birth
Oct 17, 1913
Birth Place:

Worked With

Year Name Title
1942 Harry Langdon House of Errors
1942 Charles "Buddy" Rogers House of Errors
1942 John Holland House of Errors
1942 Betty Blythe House of Errors
1942 Vernon Dent House of Errors
1941 Clarence Muse Gentleman from Dixie
1941 Herbert Rawlinson Gentleman from Dixie
1941 John Holland Gentleman from Dixie
1941 Lee Shumway Murder by Invitation
1941 Minerva Urecal Murder by Invitation
1941 Herb Vigran Murder by Invitation
1941 Dave "Tex" O'Brien Murder by Invitation
1941 John James Murder by Invitation
1941 Wallace Ford Murder by Invitation
1941 George Guhl Murder by Invitation
1940 Jack Holt Fugitive from a Prison Camp
1940 Frank LaRue Fugitive from a Prison Camp
1939 Richard Arlen Missing Daughters
1939 Isabel Jewell Missing Daughters
1939 Rochelle Hudson Missing Daughters
1939 Don Beddoe Missing Daughters
1938 Rolfe Sedan A Desperate Adventure
1938 Eric Blore A Desperate Adventure
1938 Ramon Novarro A Desperate Adventure
1938 Joan Gardner The Girl Thief
1938 Stanley Holloway The Girl Thief
1938 Norman Willis Prison Nurse
1938 Ben Welden Prison Nurse
1938 Minerva Urecal Prison Nurse
1938 Henry Wilcoxon Prison Nurse
1937 Edward S. Brophy The Great Gambini
1937 William Demarest The Great Gambini
1937 Akim Tamiroff The Great Gambini
1937 Ralph Peters The Great Gambini
1937 Genevieve Tobin The Great Gambini
1937 Reginald Denny The Great Gambini
1937 Al St. John Saturday's Heroes
1937 George Irving Saturday's Heroes
1937 Minor Watson Saturday's Heroes
1937 Aldo Ray Saturday's Heroes
1937 Frank Coghlan, Jr. Saturday's Heroes
1937 Richard Lane Saturday's Heroes
1937 Van Heflin Saturday's Heroes
1937 Walter Miller Saturday's Heroes
1937 Jack Mulhall Saturday's Heroes
1937 Willie Best Saturday's Heroes
1937 Edgar Kennedy When's Your Birthday?
1937 Margaret Hamilton When's Your Birthday?
1937 Minor Watson When's Your Birthday?
1937 Granville Bates When's Your Birthday?
1937 Joe E. Brown When's Your Birthday?
1937 Margaret Dumont Youth on Parole
1937 Milburn Stone Youth on Parole
1936 Gene Morgan Come Closer, Folks
1936 Herman Bing Come Closer, Folks
1936 Wynne Gibson Come Closer, Folks
1936 Gene Lockhart Come Closer, Folks
1936 James Dunn Come Closer, Folks
1936 Chester Morris Counterfeit
1936 Gene Morgan Counterfeit
1936 Lloyd Nolan Counterfeit
1936 Marc Lawrence Counterfeit
1936 Elizabeth Risdon Lady of Secrets
1936 Otto Kruger Lady of Secrets
1936 Lionel Atwill Lady of Secrets
1936 Ruth Chatterton Lady of Secrets
1936 Lloyd Nolan Lady of Secrets
1936 Esther Dale Lady of Secrets
1936 Thurston Hall The Man Who Lived Twice
1936 Isabel Jewell The Man Who Lived Twice
1936 Henry Kolker The Man Who Lived Twice
1936 Ward Bond The Man Who Lived Twice
1936 Ralph Bellamy The Man Who Lived Twice
1935 Colin Tapley The Black Room
1935 Henry Kolker The Black Room
1935 Fredrik Vogeding The Black Room
1935 Edward Van Sloan The Black Room
1935 Boris Karloff The Black Room
1935 Thurston Hall The Black Room
1935 Thurston Hall Crime and Punishment
1935 Peter Lorre Crime and Punishment
1935 Gene Lockhart Crime and Punishment
1935 Douglas Dumbrille Crime and Punishment
1935 Edward Arnold Crime and Punishment
1935 Elizabeth Risdon Crime and Punishment
1935 Edward J. Le Saint In Spite of Danger
1935 Wallace Ford In Spite of Danger
1935 Charles B. Middleton In Spite of Danger
1935 Robert Middlemass Unknown Woman
1935 Douglas Dumbrille Unknown Woman
1934 Louise Dresser A Girl of the Limberlost
1934 Betty Blythe A Girl of the Limberlost
1934 Henry B. Walthall A Girl of the Limberlost
1934 Helen Jerome Eddy A Girl of the Limberlost
1934 Ralph Morgan A Girl of the Limberlost
1934 Mae Busch I Like It That Way
1934 Gloria Stuart I Like It That Way
1934 Clarence H. Wilson I Like It That Way
1934 Mickey Rooney I Like It That Way
1934 Henry Kolker Notorious But Nice
1934 Rochelle Hudson Notorious But Nice
1934 Dewey Robinson Notorious But Nice
1934 J. Carrol Naish Notorious But Nice
1934 Louise Beavers Notorious But Nice
1934 John St. Polis Notorious But Nice
1934 Betty Compson Notorious But Nice
1934 Stewart Granger Over the Garden Wall
1933 Bryant Washburn Daring Daughters
1933 Marie Prevost The Eleventh Commandment
1933 Alan Hale The Eleventh Commandment
1933 Owen Moore A Man of Sentiment
1933 Cornelius Keefe A Man of Sentiment
1933 Emma Dunn A Man of Sentiment
1933 Pat O'Malley A Man of Sentiment
1932 John St. Polis Alias the Doctor
1932 Claire Dodd Alias the Doctor
1932 Richard Barthelmess Alias the Doctor
1932 Boris Karloff Alias the Doctor
1932 Charles Butterworth Beauty and the Boss
1932 Warren William Beauty and the Boss
1932 David Manners Beauty and the Boss
1932 Walter Catlett The Sport Parade
1932 Clarence H. Wilson The Sport Parade
1932 Robert Benchley The Sport Parade
1932 Joel McCrea The Sport Parade
1932 William Gargan The Sport Parade
1932 Richard Bennett Strange Justice
1932 Reginald Denny Strange Justice
1932 Larry Steers Strange Justice
1932 Walter Brennan Strange Justice
1932 Claire Dodd Under Eighteen
1932 Warren William Under Eighteen
1932 Emma Dunn Under Eighteen
1932 Regis Toomey Under Eighteen
1932 John Farrell MacDonald Under Eighteen
1931 Purnell Pratt Five Star Final
1931 Edward G. Robinson Five Star Final
1931 George E. Stone Five Star Final
1931 Boris Karloff Five Star Final
1931 Ona Munson Five Star Final
1931 Aline MacMahon Five Star Final
1931 H.B. Warner Five Star Final
1931 Frankie Darro The Mad Genius
1931 John Barrymore The Mad Genius
1931 Boris Karloff The Mad Genius
1931 Charles Butterworth The Mad Genius
1931 Doris Kenyon The Road to Singapore
1931 Louis Calhern The Road to Singapore
1931 William Powell The Road to Singapore
1931 Alison Skipworth The Road to Singapore
1931 Donald Crisp Svengali
1931 Bramwell Fletcher Svengali
1931 John Barrymore Svengali
1930 William Von Brincken Hell's Angels
1930 Wyndham Standing Hell's Angels
1930 Pat Somerset Hell's Angels
1930 Jean Harlow Hell's Angels
1930 Harry Semels Hell's Angels
1930 Ben Lyon Hell's Angels
1930 Virginia Bruce Whoopee!
1930 Claire Dodd Whoopee!
1930 Albert Hackett Whoopee!
1930 Eddie Cantor Whoopee!
1930 Betty Grable Whoopee!
1930 Ann Sothern Whoopee!
1930 Dean Jagger Whoopee!
1930 Paul Panzer Whoopee!
1929 Eddie Quillan The Sophomore
1929 Sally O'Neil The Sophomore
1929 Lew Ayres The Sophomore
1929 Grady Sutton The Sophomore
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