By cowinkadinky
Written October 24, 2007
I recently saw this movie at the Telluride film festival. If you liked Baumbach's The Squid and the Whale, then you'll definitely enjoy this dark comedy-drama! Go to the official website to support this movie! ***margotatthewedding.com
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A gem.

By r.m.parker
Written October 06, 2008
Darkly humorous, fragile and disarming, this is the epitome of family dysfunction films. It is essentially a character study - a dissection of how a family can be held hostage by the temperment of a single member. Beautifully filmed, with award-worthy performances by all.
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Margot At The Wedding

By morrie's movies
Written January 05, 2008
This movie is the absolute worst that Kidman has ever made. The director should never be allowed behing the camera ever again! Most of the scenes were so dark one could not see the characters. At least a thind of the dialogue was mumbled and could not be heard. The plot was never clear nor defined in even a minimal manner. Jack Black should never cry!!! It was so phoney and truly pathetic. Characters jumped into a scene without definition and one was left wondering "who was that person"? To most of the cast, my advise is that you could do much better. Don't cheapen your careers. To future viewers, in short, don't waste your time or your money on this film.
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What is this crap that is playing in American theaters?

By fckd
Written November 14, 2007
Someone needs to hand out revolvers so the audience can all kill themselves for having wasted 1h 31m of their life that they will never recover.
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By lugubriousthespian
Written May 17, 2009
Suffice it to say, nobody in this film (at least in the time allotted) ever makes it to the wedding. What transpires in little over and hour and half of time is a severe examination of two very very neurotic sisters (vividly drawn by both Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Jason Leigh) who after a couple years of non-communication are reunited for the latter's marrying a displaced artist type (intriguingly played by Jack Black in a rare dramatic performance). People spar verbally, dredge up emotins that have been lingering for quite a while, confront new ones they should have left alon, etc. Really what makes this movie riveting is the incredibly good acting across the board.
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