Margo Martindale
Date of Birth
Jul 18, 1951

Worked With

Year Name Title
2014 Greg Kinnear Heaven Is for Real
2014 Thomas Haden Church Heaven Is for Real
2014 Kevin Anderson Heaven Is for Real
2013 Juliette Lewis August: Osage County
2013 Chris Cooper August: Osage County
2013 Julia Roberts August: Osage County
2013 Dermot Mulroney August: Osage County
2013 Meryl Streep August: Osage County
2013 Ewan McGregor August: Osage County
2013 Sam Shepard August: Osage County
2013 Emma Thompson Beautiful Creatures
2013 Viola Davis Beautiful Creatures
2013 Pruitt Taylor Vince Beautiful Creatures
2013 Eileen Atkins Beautiful Creatures
2013 Jeremy Irons Beautiful Creatures
2012 Jay O. Sanders Person of Interest: Bad Code
2011 Melanie Lynskey Win Win
2011 Paul Giamatti Win Win
2011 Jeffrey Tambor Win Win
2011 Burt Young Win Win
2010 Patricia Clarkson Main Street
2010 Ellen Burstyn Main Street
2010 Andrew McCarthy Main Street
2010 Orlando Bloom Main Street
2010 Colin Firth Main Street
2010 John Malkovich Secretariat
2010 Fred Dalton Thompson Secretariat
2010 James Cromwell Secretariat
2010 Scott Glenn Secretariat
2010 Diane Lane Secretariat
2010 Dylan Baker Secretariat
2009 Barry Bostwick Hannah Montana: The Movie
2009 Vanessa Williams Hannah Montana: The Movie
2009 CCH Pounder Orphan
2009 Peter Sarsgaard Orphan
2009 Sam Rockwell The Winning Season
2008 Steve Zahn Management
2008 Fred Ward Management
2008 Jennifer Aniston Management
2008 Woody Harrelson Management
2007 Marcia Gay Harden Rails & Ties
2007 Kevin Bacon Rails & Ties
2007 Minnie Driver The Riches: Season 01
2007 Eddie Izzard The Riches: Season 01
2007 Philip Seymour Hoffman The Savages
2007 Rosemary Murphy The Savages
2007 Philip Bosco The Savages
2007 Laura Linney The Savages
2007 John C. Reilly Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story
2007 Harold Ramis Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story
2007 Paul Rudd Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story
2007 Jack Black Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story
2006 Natalie Portman Paris, Je T'Aime
2006 Emily Mortimer Paris, Je T'Aime
2006 Willem Dafoe Paris, Je T'Aime
2006 Ben Gazzara Paris, Je T'Aime
2006 Maggie Gyllenhaal Paris, Je T'Aime
2006 Miranda Richardson Paris, Je T'Aime
2006 Rufus Sewell Paris, Je T'Aime
2006 Gérard Depardieu Paris, Je T'Aime
2006 Barbet Schroeder Paris, Je T'Aime
2006 Elijah Wood Paris, Je T'Aime
2006 Ludivine Sagnier Paris, Je T'Aime
2006 Nick Nolte Paris, Je T'Aime
2006 Bob Hoskins Paris, Je T'Aime
2006 Gena Rowlands Paris, Je T'Aime
2006 Juliette Binoche Paris, Je T'Aime
2006 Fanny Ardant Paris, Je T'Aime
2006 Steve Buscemi Paris, Je T'Aime
2006 Jay O. Sanders Wedding Daze
2006 Edward Herrmann Wedding Daze
2006 Joe Pantoliano Wedding Daze
2006 Jason Biggs Wedding Daze
2004 Mary-Louise Parker The Best Thief in the World
2004 Molly Parker Iron Jawed Angels
2004 Patrick Dempsey Iron Jawed Angels
2004 Anjelica Huston Iron Jawed Angels
2004 Julia Ormond Iron Jawed Angels
2004 Hilary Swank Iron Jawed Angels
2004 Frances O'Connor Iron Jawed Angels
2004 Bob Gunton Iron Jawed Angels
2004 Carrie Snodgress Iron Jawed Angels
2004 Clint Eastwood Million Dollar Baby
2004 Morgan Freeman Million Dollar Baby
2004 Hilary Swank Million Dollar Baby
2004 Anthony Mackie Million Dollar Baby
2003 Gary Sinise The Human Stain
2003 Anthony Hopkins The Human Stain
2003 Nicole Kidman The Human Stain
2003 Ed Harris The Human Stain
2003 Sean Penn It's All About Love
2003 Claire Danes It's All About Love
2003 Joaquin Phoenix It's All About Love
2002 Ed Harris The Hours
2002 Nicole Kidman The Hours
2002 Eileen Atkins The Hours
2002 Miranda Richardson The Hours
2002 John C. Reilly The Hours
2002 Julianne Moore The Hours
2002 Allison Janney The Hours
2002 Stephen Dillane The Hours
2002 Meryl Streep The Hours
2002 Toni Collette The Hours
2002 Jeff Daniels The Hours
2002 Claire Danes The Hours
2001 Steve Buscemi The Laramie Project
2001 Dylan Baker The Laramie Project
2001 Clancy Brown The Laramie Project
2001 Janeane Garofalo The Laramie Project
2001 Jeremy Davies The Laramie Project
2001 Frances Sternhagen The Laramie Project
2001 Peter Fonda The Laramie Project
2001 Christina Ricci The Laramie Project
2001 Terry Kinney The Laramie Project
2001 Laura Linney The Laramie Project
2001 Amy Madigan The Laramie Project
2001 Elizabeth Perkins What Girls Learn
2001 Scott Bakula What Girls Learn
2000 Diane Ladd 28 Days
2000 Steve Buscemi 28 Days
2000 Marianne Jean-Baptiste 28 Days
2000 Elizabeth Perkins 28 Days
2000 Viggo Mortensen 28 Days
2000 Dominic West 28 Days
2000 Sandra Bullock 28 Days
2000 John Heard Perfect Murder, Perfect Town
2000 Marg Helgenberger Perfect Murder, Perfect Town
2000 Ken Howard Perfect Murder, Perfect Town
2000 John Rubinstein Perfect Murder, Perfect Town
2000 Ronny Cox Perfect Murder, Perfect Town
2000 Dennis Boutsikaris Perfect Murder, Perfect Town
2000 Jane Powell Perfect Murder, Perfect Town
2000 Kris Kristofferson Perfect Murder, Perfect Town
2000 Ann-Margret Perfect Murder, Perfect Town
2000 David Morse Proof of Life
2000 Russell Crowe Proof of Life
2000 David Caruso Proof of Life
2000 Meg Ryan Proof of Life
2000 Pamela Reed Proof of Life
1999 Stephen Dorff Earthly Possessions
1999 Susan Sarandon Earthly Possessions
1999 Jay O. Sanders Earthly Possessions
1999 Richard Belzer Homicide: Life on the Street: The Same Coin
1999 Giancarlo Esposito Homicide: Life on the Street: The Same Coin
1999 Yaphet Kotto Homicide: Life on the Street: The Same Coin
1999 Aidan Quinn In Dreams
1999 Stephen Rea In Dreams
1999 Dennis Boutsikaris In Dreams
1999 Annette Bening In Dreams
1999 Robert Downey, Jr. In Dreams
1999 Jeffrey Wright Ride With the Devil
1999 Tobey Maguire Ride With the Devil
1999 Mark Ruffalo Ride With the Devil
1999 Tom Wilkinson Ride With the Devil
1999 Jonathan Rhys-Meyers Ride With the Devil
1999 James Caviezel Ride With the Devil
1999 Gina Gershon Snoops [TV Series]
1999 John Glover Snoops [TV Series]
1998 James Garner Twilight
1998 Stockard Channing Twilight
1998 Gene Hackman Twilight
1998 Giancarlo Esposito Twilight
1998 Liev Schreiber Twilight
1998 Susan Sarandon Twilight
1998 M. Emmet Walsh Twilight
1998 Paul Newman Twilight
1998 Reese Witherspoon Twilight
1997 James Spader Critical Care
1997 Albert Brooks Critical Care
1997 Kyra Sedgwick Critical Care
1997 Wallace Shawn Critical Care
1997 Anne Bancroft Critical Care
1997 Philip Bosco Critical Care
1997 Edward Herrmann Critical Care
1997 Jeffrey Wright Critical Care
1997 Helen Mirren Critical Care
1996 Michael Imperioli Law & Order: Atonement
1996 Dan Hedaya Marvin's Room
1996 Robert De Niro Marvin's Room
1996 Hume Cronyn Marvin's Room
1996 Leonardo DiCaprio Marvin's Room
1996 Meryl Streep Marvin's Room
1996 Gwen Verdon Marvin's Room
1996 Cynthia Nixon Marvin's Room
1996 Diane Keaton Marvin's Room
1995 Susan Sarandon Dead Man Walking
1995 Robert Prosky Dead Man Walking
1995 R. Lee Ermey Dead Man Walking
1995 Scott Wilson Dead Man Walking
1995 Clancy Brown Dead Man Walking
1995 Peter Sarsgaard Dead Man Walking
1995 Sean Penn Dead Man Walking
1995 Jack Black Dead Man Walking
1995 John Wood Sabrina
1995 Greg Kinnear Sabrina
1995 Richard Crenna Sabrina
1995 Paul Giamatti Sabrina
1995 Harrison Ford Sabrina
1995 Angie Dickinson Sabrina
1995 Fanny Ardant Sabrina
1995 Nancy Marchand Sabrina
1995 Dana Ivey Sabrina
1995 Julia Ormond Sabrina
1994 Philip Seymour Hoffman Nobody's Fool
1994 Paul Newman Nobody's Fool
1994 Melanie Griffith Nobody's Fool
1994 Philip Bosco Nobody's Fool
1994 Gene Saks Nobody's Fool
1994 Jessica Tandy Nobody's Fool
1994 Elizabeth Wilson Nobody's Fool
1994 Bruce Willis Nobody's Fool
1994 Pruitt Taylor Vince Nobody's Fool
1993 John Beal The Firm
1993 Tom Cruise The Firm
1993 Terry Kinney The Firm
1993 Jeanne Tripplehorn The Firm
1993 Jerry Weintraub The Firm
1993 David Strathairn The Firm
1993 Paul Sorvino The Firm
1993 Wilford Brimley The Firm
1993 Ed Harris The Firm
1993 Gene Hackman The Firm
1993 Gary Busey The Firm
1993 Holly Hunter The Firm
1993 Hal Holbrook The Firm
1993 Steven Hill The Firm
1992 Laura Linney Lorenzo's Oil
1992 Nick Nolte Lorenzo's Oil
1992 Peter Ustinov Lorenzo's Oil
1992 Susan Sarandon Lorenzo's Oil
1991 Timothy Dalton The Rocketeer
1991 Jennifer Connelly The Rocketeer
1991 William Sanderson The Rocketeer
1991 Alan Arkin The Rocketeer
1991 Paul Sorvino The Rocketeer
1991 Jon Polito The Rocketeer
1991 Terry O'Quinn The Rocketeer
1991 Ed Lauter The Rocketeer
1991 Bill Campbell The Rocketeer
1991 Clint Howard The Rocketeer
1990 John C. Reilly Days of Thunder
1990 Nicole Kidman Days of Thunder
1990 Randy Quaid Days of Thunder
1990 Michael Rooker Days of Thunder
1990 Cary Elwes Days of Thunder
1990 Robert Duvall Days of Thunder
1990 Tom Cruise Days of Thunder
1990 Fred Dalton Thompson Days of Thunder
1990 Don Simpson Days of Thunder
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