A Little Too Humanized Wall Street

By shrinkrapt
Written October 23, 2011
Although it deals with the heart of the matter concerning the market crisis, Margin Call takes such a small scale approach that one could think it is addressing just the turmoil within a single company instead of a catastrophic irreversible blow to our economy. Actually, it seems like a made for TV movie, both visually and emotionally, and can easily be enjoyed on a small screen. The perfomances are all good, including Jeremy Irons' reprisal of his Borgia persona with a bit more of a forced smile than the Borgia pope bothered with in the Showtime series. But the screenplay provides too little about the worldwide implications of a Goldman Sachs type meltdown and the far greater tragedy beyond the career disappointments of young brokers trying to cover the company's ass.
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A Must-See!

By browningsm
Written October 23, 2011
Great movie and casting was top notch. Well written and insightful, overall well done film. Margin Call is a great movie; glad I heard about it and happy I saw it and recommend.
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Movies in Review; "Margin Call"

By tajgreene
Written October 24, 2011
This movie turned out to be such a bore…yawn. It was so blah. I guess that had a lot to do with the fact that everything that happens in the movie takes place the 1st 24hrs of the crisis. It may have made for a more exciting story if they took it beyond that. So within those 24hrs you get to listen to a bunch of numbers talk, that quite honestly was a little over my head. But I got the point. We all are living though this financial crisis, some people losing almost everything. This film is enough to make the average person a little jaded. The meat and potatoes of the film was good, but you will still be left feeling like there should have been more. The opening scene was one of my favorite part, and all the scenes following with Stanley Tucci in it. The worst part is the way this film ends…enough said.The material itself is interesting enough, just not interesting enough to keep your attention for 2hrs. If it’s not playing in your area you can count this as no big deal...B- @TajuanaG
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Best movie on the 2008 financial collapse

By sethomp
Written November 07, 2011
Margin Call was an amazing movie!! The acting was superb! Kevin Spacey, Jeremy Irons and all the cast were EXCELLENT! I see some Oscar nominations in their future. This movie is a definite must go!
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Fine Film

By Movie25Fan
Written November 03, 2011
The casting is remarkable. Great ensemble acting with a lowkey production style common to independent film. A clear look into the world of finance at its most cynical and corrosive. Why the traders and managers at the large brokerage houses have not been hanged is a mystery. Wonderful performances.
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