Margin Call Synopsis
The lives of the key people at an investment bank over a 24 hour period.
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Nothing special. It's been done before

By nickiwalliser
So many of the actors in this movie I love, and that's part of the reason why I wanted to see this flick. Wall Street movies are appealing to me and I feel like this movie has been done so many times...

Intense. Intelligent. Interesting.

A must-see. Great cast, great look, great direction, great everything. If you have a chance, you should definitely see this movie! No finger-pointing, no good guys vs bad guys, just very human, very...

People will hate this movie, but they should see this movie

By MovTicket4321
There is no hero. People want pretty people to act and do wonderful things, but there is no moral compass, just greed. This story is about now. We have a financial system built on air and the only...


By kwatinetz
a movie that doesn't dumb down villains and heroes in order to make a point. it is tough to see who to blame here, although the CEO (played by Irons) gets a fair amount of it. One of the more...

Could Someone Explain This Movie To Me

By Roxysix6
The reason I went to see Margin Call this afternoon was because of the cast. Brilliant actors, and they were all exceptional in the movie. But I had one little problem; I sat there listenting to...


By tedrpoli
Great movie, but it will sadden you to see how far our society of well educated and intelligent members has fallen to the calls of greed and selfishness. At least a few showed some signs of...

Review Of "Margin Call"

By 4949leno
When a writer or a screenwriter writes of an historical event he or she should not whitewash the actors in that event.... How would we like a writer to present a book explaining why the the prison...

Margin Call

By rcalex1
Extraordinarily tight, taught, tense -- and ultimately terrifying but in an extraordinarily cold blooded way. I thought AO Scott's review which was positive, was also off the mark. This movie is so...

Masterpiece Monster Movie

By weems
You may not understand the inner workings of the monsters (aka mortgage-backed securities) that stalk this Wall Street firm and its employees. But most of them, like earthlings after an alien...

Margin Call All in!

If you enjoyed Wall Street 1 and / or 2 this will be a treat. A little heavy on the financial jargon but is that not the true trader way?!?...

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Rated R | For Language
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Common Sense Media says Thoughtful Wall Street drama has drinking, language.
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