• Released
  • August 20, 2010
  • (Limited)
  • PG , 1 hr 57 min
  • Art House/Foreign

remarkable, astonishing life story of a man

By howcanierasemyaccount
Written October 14, 2010
The movie is adapted from the best-seller autobiography of the ballet and dancer Li Cunxing. I enjoyed the movie very much, especially the ballet scenes. it is true that acting wasn't excellent and sometimes the movie was letting you hang in the air but I haven't heard of Li Cunxing before this movie, and I am planing to read his autobiography soon. Movies are not always about taking us from our mundane worlds and put us in to a fantasy world which seems like real to us, it is also about educating us.
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deeply meaningful

By statik
Written October 09, 2010
a movie that qualifies as an experience--incredible script, character depth, plot depth, superb acting, sych beaiutiful choreography--Bruce Greenwood puts in a performance for the ages--Chi Cao who plays the adult Li should be up for multiple lead actor awards---it is not too often that i will see a movie before reading the book, but this is the exception---i can't wait to find out what the was left out of the screenplay! also the look into communist china gives an appreciation of no matter what, the usa is the place to be!!--In this day day & age to see an exceptional movie that truly is a pleasure to watch is so so rare -- a 5 star rating!!
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Mao's Last Dancer

By murray161
Written October 16, 2010
Finally, an adult movie without the gratuitous violence, sex, and foul language- and this from a macho guy,
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By Aggie630
Written September 15, 2010
I highly recommend this PG rated film for the family because it is inspiring and motivational. It has an assortment of thematic elements such as family life, school issues, culture shock in a new country, pressures of being an overnight celebrity, and the bittersweet experience of first love. The acting was excellent and performed by novice actors and actresses who are real professional ballet dancers who has had some direct or indirect connection to the real Li Cunxin in the past or present. The cinematography was scenic especially those of China. The ballet performances and their respective music scores were colorful, dramatic, and exotic especiallyt the performance of Swan Lake. Li Cunxin and Elizabeth are naive virginal lovers who get married despite society which motivates him to defect to USA and may compromise the lives of his family in China and the political relations between USA and China.
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One of the best this year

By janavegas
Written October 31, 2010
The emotional journey that have every audience going for their kleenex, at least at the theater that i was in.Not often a movie gets applauded in the end , this is one of them. Touching and fair, for someone who was there when the red guards were running rampant, i can assure you the portrayal is fair and accurate. I congratulate the director for such a fine moive and Bruce greenwood is good enough for an academy nomination. Go see it , it will be the best two hours without guns, space ships and aliens.
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