By MKmoviefan
Written May 25, 2017
Saw this movie last night and was so hoping for a ligjht, fun movie...there were moments that were funny and clever, but generally, it was boring and in fact my husband and I almost left half way thru which is crazy considering the cost of movies these days. Love Jason Bateman and Will Arnet is one of my favorits comedic actors, but unfortunately, they were not in the move that much. Half the movies was focused on beards...yes, beards. I know what you're thinking, 'how could they spend half a movie talking about beards?" and you would be can't. I cant even recommend seeing this as a rental...
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Man (and Film) in Search of Meaning

By ThomMovie
Written February 26, 2017
"Mansome" never seems to find its center. The film is structured around aspects of men's appearance: the moustache, the beard, the body, etc. But it fails to actually address any of these as they apply to modern men. Rather, much like a travelogue, "Mansome" takes us to visit extreme examples within the genre (dudes with ZZ Top-style beards; an obsessively driven self-proclaimed "metrosexual," etc.) and ignores the vast majority of men and the sociological implications of how we groom. Worse yet, the movie relies on marginally entertaining talking-heads to pick up the slack. Yes, Paul Rudd in likeable; Zach Galfianakis is funny; but what do either of these guys have to offer on the topic beside their own vapid opinions? Spurlock is such a talented documentarian. This time, however, he missed the mark, providing neither great entertainment nor significant meaning. A shame, considering the wealth of unexplored material lingering in the average man's Dopp kit.
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What Did I Just Watch?

By Mallory X
Written August 27, 2016
I stumbled away from this movie wondering what I had just watched. Sad, I really like Morgan Spurlock. It must be hard to live in the shadows of your own work -Supersize Me at least had a point. This film had so much funny potential in the beginning that I was very excited. As the film continued on, I realized that I'd be sitting in this for over an hour more -I'm not going to walk out after spending over $10 for a ticket. All I really remember was a very uncomfortable & gruelingly long sequence with a bearded...guy, OH, and Jason Bateman & the other guy made me laugh out loud. There are moments in this film which are really very funny, but the reality around which those LOL moments are surrounded seem contrived and thin. Wait for it to come out on whatever it is you already pay for.
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By shdrew
Written May 26, 2016
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