“MAN ON WIRE” – Taking a Towering Walk on the Wild Sides

By jimchudnow
Written August 05, 2008
This (British) documentary is the fascinating true story of French high-wire walker PHILIPPE PETIT & his amazing unauthorized strolls across buildings around the world, including his unauthorized 1974 crossing between the two World Trade Center Towers in New York (when he was 25 years old). It’s easy to see why the film won awards at the Sundance Festival— the archival footage from the time of Petit & friends & associates spending months of preparation on arranging the walk, the difficulties faced, the recollections of his friends & others, the aftermath of his efforts, etc. The achievement was fantastic, & it brought back vivid memories to a lady sitting near me who was IN New York & witnessed the event at the time. The ads call the film “exhilarating” and “riveting”— and oddly enough, that’s really accurate!
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Man on Wire

By notalkingplease
Written August 04, 2008
Thoroughly entertaining. There was a lot of original footage of Petit performing other wire walking stunts, as well as footage of him and his friends planning and preparing for the Twin Towers. The interviews were interesting and at times very amusing. A well told story.
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By r.m.parker
Written October 06, 2008
Wonderfully constructed - the balance between original footage shot during the planning of the event and present-day interviews was perfect, presenting the events that led to this amazing stunt in a fun, uplifting, often hilarious, and occasionally suspenseful way. Documentaries have changed so much in recent years, from moments in time to thinly disguised propaganda films, so it was nice to see such a well-made return to form. Absolutely worth seeing! Take a date!
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Not sure why it's gotten an overall so-so rating

By jimyyz
Written August 16, 2008
It's not Spiderman, folks, if that's the type of movie you are looking for. Who would ever want to toss a cable between the twin towers of the world trade center and walk back and forth for 45 minutes. N O B O D Y !! And that's why the movie is so interesting. It's an interesting and engaging movie/documentary of a very unusual, very dangerous and very true event.
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Wonderful Story - Memorable Movie!!!

By Bromeliad
Written August 06, 2008
If you love a good story, you must see this movie. The story of this daring stunt and the stomach turning views from atop the World Trade Center make this a fantastic movie. It has a lot of original footage, and it is told as if it were a bank heist. Philippe Petite is an amazing performer with incredible determination. I'll see this one again!
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