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Man of Tai Chi

By tonyvisconti1
Written November 03, 2013
It is not very well directed. There are gaping holes in the plot. The fight scenes are very good, not too much wire tricks. This film has very little to do with tai chi.
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Weak plot good action

Written November 05, 2013
Plot of the movie was a bit weak, even for a no-thinking action movie. The sequences were good - not spectacular, but good.
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Kick ***directorial debut for NEO

By kahunaalohahawaii
Written February 02, 2014
Keanu Reeves delivers in this modern day martial arts film set in Beijing and Hong Kong. Tiger Chen is solid action star making leap from Matrix stuntman to lead in this long awaited film from the Matrix star Reeves. Tiger is a tai chi practitioner living the everyman role in modern day China with a deliveryman job who sheds his costume as he travels down the path of self discovery. Tai Chi is showcased as a martial art not just an exercise in the park for the elderly as Tiger fights his way up the ladder of a martial arts tournament. Drafted to fight in on-line competitions patronized by millionaires, Tiger comes to find his inner chi and strength from his training and extraordinary experience. The fight scenes are excellent including a stylish fight club where fighters of different styles showcase what is meant by fighting to the death. Reeves as actor and director and brings a western style to the martial arts genre set amid the pollution of modern China seen on many levels.
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Lots of fighting

By luzangelaf80
Written November 03, 2013
There are a lot of fighting sequences in this movie. Story line was ok...and then it ends. Point of the movie was to show Tai Chi can be used defensively. Not all theaters were showing but I saw this at noon, matinee price so it didn't bother me too much to pay. There were 3 people at that time...small screen.
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By donleon524
Written November 08, 2013
Reeves shouldn't be in this types of movies. C'mon martial arts, he should be doing more like romance. I saw this movie for free before coming out. He's moves so fake. I did Taekwondo for over 15 years and I can kick his ***in 2 minutes.
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