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Man of Tai Chi Synopsis
A young martial artist's unparalleled Tai Chi skills land him in a highly lucrative underworld fight club.
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Man of Tai Chi

By tonyvisconti1
It is not very well directed. There are gaping holes in the plot. The fight scenes are very good, not too much wire tricks. This film has very little to do with tai chi....

Weak plot good action

Plot of the movie was a bit weak, even for a no-thinking action movie. The sequences were good - not spectacular, but good....

Kick ***directorial debut for NEO

By kahunaalohahawaii
Keanu Reeves delivers in this modern day martial arts film set in Beijing and Hong Kong. Tiger Chen is solid action star making leap from Matrix stuntman to lead in this long awaited film from the...


By rob53us
I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. For it to be an Independent Film and Keanu Reeves 1st production i was GREAT! I recommend this movie....

Well done!

By emilyruth4god
This movie was very well made, the plot twist was unexpected and surprising! I did enjoy Keanu and Tiger as they fought, that was a good fight! It is a GREAT film...

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By radiohush
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By seanbrown274
great movie...

Lots of action but...,

By aunika
This story has lots of action but week acting and weak storyline. Keanu Reeves tried way to hard to be dark....


By Supermarvino
Was a good movie. Good to see Reeves again....

By glendon17
Great martial artist flick!...

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Rated NR | For Violence