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Special Effects Ad Nauseum

By zinniazing
Written April 25, 2017
Henry makes a handsome, intense, believable Superman. He's a fine actor. It's just too bad that the writers didn't give him a deep enough story to dive into. The special effects dominated this movie to the point of exhaustion. Too many windows shattering. Too many buildings exploding. The "climax" seemed to go on eternally. And was this movie just a big ad for the U.S. military? Amy Adams delivers a good performance, as usual. Russell Crowe was good. I wish the producers would have used the effects to support a really powerful story more rather than trying so hard to be sensational and showing off what they can do with computers now. Sorry, guys. Close, but no cigar.
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Better than "Superman Returns"

By milaneechan
Written May 04, 2016
As a huge superman fan, I am of course going to have some discrepancies against the movie, but over all, it was a good movie. I was pleasantly surprised to see Henry Cavill was a great Clark Kent! As for Lois Lane, as much as I love Amy Adams, I felt her Lois Lane was a little too subdued. Other problems I have with the movie I can't talk about without giving too much away, so I will just leave it at this: is was better than Superman Returns, I would probably see it again, and you should go see it and see for yourself!
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Super Comic Book Update

By maidagerry
Written October 27, 2016
Like most of the other updated comic book movies this one has the latest in computerized action and imagery. I really enjoyed the overwhelming and complicated space machines. At the same time one gets a bit more than the usual feel for the characters. I said a bit more. Big action finale almost too much and too loud, but again, it's a superhero movie. Laurence Fishburne, Kevin Costner, and Russell Crowe give the movie some depth and familiarity. Diane Lane closest to miscast and weakest acting. Henry Cavill is a superb Superman. I look forward to seeing him in the sequels. Michael Shannon probably did the best acting in the movie as the evil Zod. Like everything else. If you like superheroes (it's a Must Go), you'll love this movie. If you don't (it's a Go), or wait for it on your TV.
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The Real Man of Steel

By mummyandachainsaw
Written April 24, 2017
Personally, I think this movie hit all the right notes. They made me feel like Superman was powerful, but that his morality played a big part in limiting his potential. Read any modern Superman comic and you will see the same lines drawn. I can wholeheartedly recommend this movie to Superman,action movie, and comic book movie fans. They accomplished everything without making it feel cheesy, which won me over.
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Man of Steel delivers what's necessary

By BCHubbard1976
Written April 25, 2017
Contrary to any naysayers, this was a decent movie and definitely overshadowed its predecessor. The effects were stunning, the action sequences pretty cool, and the actors ranged from OK to pretty good. In addition, it was an interesting take on the origin story and how the characters interacted or met each other. The movie was much more cohesive than Iron Man 3, even with the style of storytelling. Unfortunately, the movie was way too long, and often took the form of drawn-out introspective drama interspersed with major action sequences. You could feel Snyder's touch in this movie, with it's camera angles and editing that gave it the feel of an "artsy" film rather than a summer blockbuster. On top of that, the plot had some noticeable holes that you need to look past to enjoy. On a five-point scale, I give it a 3.5, and recommend it to other moviegoers. Unless you're really picky, you should enjoy it.
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